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Home Studio Hacks: The Acid Station

(Mis)using an item to suit other needs and perhaps making it more useful in the process

Acid Station

A simple lifehack in the same vein as Ikea hackers. This is not a big hack, but it makes for a great (home-)studio mod.

I was thinking of a way to achieve this (pictured) and I noticed the cheapest model of the bunch, the Apextone LS-01, suited my needs perfectly. At only €15,- it’s by far the cheapest laptop-rack/stand money can buy. There’s an optional tray for another €15,-, and that’s what the Roland TR-606 is sitting on.

Let me share another small hack for in the home studio: Get a bunch of switchable plugs like pictured below. They’ll save you some power-usage and in some cases are an easy way to switch on your instruments and effects. These are the european variant, but I’m sure you can buy a local version wherever you live.


Ableton Drum Rack: Roland TR-505 & TR-606

Free Ableton Live Drum Racks: Roland® TR-505 & TR-606

The sample packs I’ve been handing out the last few days, in Ableton Live drum rack format, free of charge! Edit: Beware though, this Drum-Rack only works in Ableton 8.2. Thanks Tomas for sharing! But you can still use the samples found in the download.

The installation notes are included in the download, but here’s one with pictures:
Put the folder “JordyVision” in the samples folder of your Ableton Library, usually found at:


Ableton Live JordyVision samples folder as seen from Ableton Live.

Put the files “TR-505.adg” & “TR-606.adg” in the correct presets folder of your Ableton Library. That would be “Drum Rack” in this case, typically located at:

Ableton/Library/Presets/Instruments/Drum Rack

Ableton Live presets folder: JordyVision Drum Racks

You can make your own folder within the Drum Rack folder if you wish. Most of the time I call these “My Presets”, “My Patches” or something along these lines, pick any name you’re comfortable with.

If Ableton gives you a “Samples couldn’t be located”, then let Ableton search the library and they should pop-up. Feel free to ask for help in the comments.

That’s it! Enjoy your vintage drumming.




Creative Commons License

Roland TR-505 Sample Pack & Roland TR-606 Sample Pack by JordyVision / Son of 8-Bits is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at

This is a Creative Commons release, however, commercial use is allowed through a license. A license is free, but registration is required. Go to for said license. Make sure to include your full name and a valid e-mail address.

More samples? On this page.


Roland TR-606 Sample Pack

Another vintage drum-computer, this time completely analog, but sampled just as deliciously and noise-free as possible.

Roland TR-606

Samples recorded through an M-Audio Fast Track Pro using the TR-606′s only line-out, the mono line-out. Noise reduction via Ableton Live’s gate device. Further editing and sample-rate conversion done in Audacity. Rendered in both 24-Bit 96000Hz AIFF and 16-Bit 44100Hz WAV.

Go to my new Samples Page to download.

All samples recorded, edited and converted by JordyVision at studio moimooi, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Original sound-design by The Roland Corporation.
©2011 JordyVision / Son of 8-Bits
℗2011 studio moimooi

File hosted by Prowess Records.

My new toys – Roland MC-303 & TR-606

With some help from my love I purchased these. She and her friend helped me order these on the web and they were waiting for me on my arrival in Japan the seventh of September.

Roland TR-606

Roland MC-303

Both are such cool machines to work with and both hold some surprises when playing around with them. The TR-606 is fully analog and the MC-303 is a rompler, meaning the TR-606 uses oscillators and modulation to create it’s sounds and the MC-303 gets it’s sounds from a memory bank. A lot of great vintage sounds can be found inside.