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Ableton Drum Rack: DTMF Dial Pad

Dual Tone Multi Frequency

Raytheon IST-2 Secure Telephone – Dial Pad Closeup

I was cleaning-up my samples folder and ran into these samples I once made, probably back in 2007 or 2008. Simple and funny, the dial pad of a telephone can be used to add a whole different beep to your bang.

Theoretically you can sequence a telephone-number in Ableton and initiate a call! Just hold the phone’s receiver up to your speaker while playing back the sounds and the call should commence. Oh, this will work only with a landline, mobiles don’t dial that way. I have little experience with VoIP phones, so I don’t know if they work with DTMF tones. Head on over to Wikipedia to learn more about DTMF.

Download DTMF Dial Pad Drum Rack

Once downloaded, put the folder “JordyVision” in the samples folder of your Ableton Library, usually found at:


Put the drum rack file (.adg extension) in the correct presets folder of your Ableton Library. That would be “Drum Rack” in this case, typically located at:

Ableton/Library/Presets/Instruments/Drum Rack

You can make your own folder within the Drum Rack folder if you wish. Most of the time I call these “My Presets”, “My Patches” or something along these lines, pick a name you’re comfortable with.

These and more samples can be found on the samples page.