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RBLN001: Now available in stores worldwide!

RBLN001 – Now available in (web) shops worldwide!

Reblin Presents: RBLN001


Juno Download

Clone Digital



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Or order a physical copy on Bandcamp!





Release: RE:Memories

Some of my older tracks inb4 some new tracks!

JordyVision - RE:Memories album-art by Capse1

I made these tracks just over 10 years ago on a PSX, yes, the original Playstation, using the Music 2000 Software by Codemasters and Jester Interactive. In those days the hard techno sound was all the rage and lots of tribal rhythms, loads of pumping basslines and well, high-tempo heavy kickdrums pounding and pounding away. I tried to kept it groovy on this one, but there’s an abstract surprise waiting for Bandcamp customers. (And that’s an exclusive! To be released later..)

Artwork by Capse1



Also available on:


Release: Billion One – Off (Update)

Out now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the JordyVision music store!

Below are the links to the different stores and services, download and enjoy!

Amazon Japan
Juno Download
(9/3/2012) Edit: Now includes Beatport!


Billion One – Off from Samplefreunde on Vimeo.


JordyVision – Y.A.M.A on iTunes

Took me a while to find the right way to distribute my music on iTunes, but now that I do…

Now available on iTunes!

Y.A.M.A - Single - JordyVision