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Stylophone Sample Kit

A sample-kit of the 20 notes a Stylophone produces

JordyVision's StylophoneRecorded by using the Stylophone’s headphone out connected to a M-Audio Fast Track Pro at 96000Hz with 24-Bits of resolution. Carefully cut and tested by yours truly. And I’ve even included patches for Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler! During the recording the pitch of the Stylophone was tuned all the way down to get the most out of the bass.

Find the download below, but please take notice of the install instructions!

To install the Ableton Simpler and/or Sampler, check the following steps:

1. Locate the Ableton library.
2. Open the “Samples” folder located within the Ableton library.
3. Place the folder “JordyVision” in the “Samples” folder.*
4. Go back to the library and find a folder named “Presets”, open it.
5. Open the folder labeled “Instruments”.
5. Place the file named “Stylophone by JordyVision.adg” in the folder titled “Instrument Rack”, and “Stylophone by JordyVision.adv” in the “Sampler” folder.**

*If you’ve already installed the TR-505 and TR-606 samples before, just place the folder named “Stylophone” in the “JordyVision” folder.
**You can also double click the file(s) to open them in Ableton, then save them to the library within the application.

Download here.

All done! You can now find the instruments among the other Instrument Racks and and Sampler patches for Ableton. Any questions? Ask them in the comments below!


MFB Microzwerg Patch Sheet


A patch sheet for the MFB Microzwerg

MFB Microzwerg Patchsheet

I found a few on the web and they all had a ton of mistakes in them, so I edited them to perfection and this is the final result!

Now, I can hear you think: “But how do I note the second instance of the machine after pressing shift?” Well, you can always use two different colors to note the differences or just mark them with a “1” or “2”.

As always, if you’ve got any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below. If you want to share your patches, mention me in your Tweet of status update on Facebook and I’ll spread the word for you!

Download here.


Review of the MFB Microzwerg.

MFB Nanozwerg Patch Sheet


Drugstore – Gaia EP [Cicuta 008]


 The latest hard techno release by Cicuta


It’s dark, it’s uptempo, it’s Drugstore as we know him best.

Free download via netlabel Cicuta


1. Gaia
2. Gaia (Oliver Kucera Remix)*
3. Kundalini
4. Kundalini (David Meiser Remix)
5. Circon
6. Circon (CBTØ Remix)

*Mastered By David Morales
Artwork: David Collado
Photography: Remoto


Ableton Multiband Sidechain Compressor Effect Rack


Multiband sidechain compressor for Ableton Live 8.x

Multiband Sidechain Compressor for Ableton Live 8.x

Looking for a way to create this effect I found this post explaining how I’ll need Linkwitz-Riley filters to make a perfect crossover between the low, mid and high frequencies. Searching for a Linkwitz-Riley filter for Mac didn’t yield the results I was hoping for. But then I realized the original multiband dynamics effect build into Ableton features a solo button for the low, mid and high frequencies. The crossover used in the multiband compressor should be flat, meaning the frequency response is the same before and after the effect (if no compression is applied). Using these filters already available in Ableton Live I made a simple effect rack where you can control the crossover for the three bands and adjust the compression for each band separately. Now you can side-chain each band!

I made this rack specifically for side-chaining because there’s already a multiband dynamics compressor in Ableton, which this effect-rack uses. But, the rack allows for some creative use meaning you can side-chain one band and ignore the other two bands, or compress one band normally, sidechain the other, and ignore the third one. There are many more combinations possible, so go nuts if you feel you have to!

In it’s default setting nothing is happening to the signal. On the left you’ll find two buttons for adjusting the crossover and you’ll notice three channels (low, mid and high) just on the left of the middle in the grouped device. Each channel/band has it’s own compressor, on the right. These compressors are set to the default setting and side-chain is switched on. Select the band you want to side-chain or compress, adjust the compressor to taste and hey presto! (Side-chain) compression is applied to the band you require compressed.

Download here!

Made in Ableton Live 8.3, older versions might work. Feel free to confirm which versions work, or not, in the comments below.

Edit: The zip-file might unpack the effect rack without the proper extension! If so, simply add “.adg” (without quotes) to the end of the file name.


Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP [Cicuta006]

Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP [CICUTA 006]

Cicuta’s latest keep the dark techno beats going and going and going

And for this release it Bran Lanen‘s turn to keep you going till the early morning.

These tracks will fill-up your DJ set nicely with some extra gloom. Some of these beats might be a bit repetitive, but, given the right moment in the mix do exactly want you want them to. I like how Cicuta is trying to bring back the original techno sound and if you’ve liked the previous Cicuta releases, this one won’t disappoint. Download and enjoy! (Link below.)



As always, a free download: Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP