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Review: Doremimate – Paradise EP

My 3rd hometown, Osaka, delivers some fine-*ss tunes!

Doremimate - Paradise EP

You might remember Doremimate from the Cassette Records compilation ‘The World Is Spinning At 33 1/3 RPM‘, where the track ‘Gymnopedia’ delivered us a really fresh sounding rendition of Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1. For this release, however, Doremimate goes for a filter-house/techno sound based off of (classic?) Japanese disco. (If anyone knows where the sample is from, let me know!) With 2 versions of the title-track Paradise and two more tracks, namely Lust Disco and 69, to finish the EP. Well worth checking out! Have a listen and let me know what you think below.



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Review: わぁいアシッド あかりアシッド大好き

Acid Techno, need I say more? I think not!

わぁいアシッド あかりアシッド大好き

The album starts out minimal and dark with Jackmaster Yoshiki followed by a loud squealer from 909 State whom we both remember from Cassette Records’ The World Is Spinning At 33RPM. These aren’t the only names we recognize from that album, as Yebisu 303 also appears on this release. Alongside Hasegawa4200, D4C, Ripa et al. The similarities end there, as this album goes for full-on acid, non-stop!

It’s worth downloading the album for ‘Mango Acid’ by Yasuo Sato alone. A bouncy techno groove mixed with full-on acid insanity! Together with Witchin Grid (by Tremorela) and Riddim-O-Mattic they are the most original tracks on the album. Yebisu303 is the producer of this last mentioned track and delivers a beautiful downtempo arrangement both enjoyable by lounge and acid enthusiasts alike, it’s reggae groove is reminiscent of UK producer duo Leftfield from back in the day.

I could go on like this for a while, singing different songs of praise for this acid compilation that keeps the vibe alive like it’s still 1988 today. But you should check this out for yourself. You can download it for free via Bandcamp, but as varied a release as this deserves some credit.



Release: JordyVision vs. Yuri Suzuki [AG-311]

I Just Called To Say I Loathe You

Acid Gelge LogoMy first release on Japanese (Acid) Techno label Cassette Records, division; Acid Gelge.

I Just Called To Say I Loathe You is a analog track produced using the Roland TR-606, the X0Xbox through a Carl Martin Opto-compressor and digital synths; Roland MC-303, TR-505 and the Kawai K1m. Recorded and mixed with Ableton Live. Mastering by ‘Beel’.

On the B-side is Yuri Suzuki‘s live-set: Live at Gorky Bar Vilnius Lithuania 25th November 2011.

Download here:

Acid Gelge (logo)


Cassette Records – The World Is Spinning At 33 1/3 RPM

A phoenix rising…

The World Is Spinning at 33 1/3 RPM - A Cassette Records CompilationA varied release, to say the least. Many different well known techno artists from Japan’s techno-scene, featuring DJ Tmykisb, Yebisu303, Doremimate and 909 State to name just a few. Ranging from acid bleepery to danceable and deep to surprising. The release demonstrates a love for the original techno sound lost in the days of minimal unimaginativism and dubstep repetition.

DJ Tmykisb opens the album with the filter-happy ‘Chrono Kitten’, an uplifting track that makes the waist wiggle. Even if seated it’s hard not to move to this sliced madness slightly reminiscent of ‘Tokyo Disco’. 909 State gives a distorted slammer likes he does so well, after which Beel’s ‘RTF_SHT’ takes over with a surprisingly deep track not unlike Richie Hawtin’s better (Plastikman) tracks. The compilation wouldn’t be complete without a good acid track! And that’s where Pulse2Pulse comes in. I should say the same for dub, and the compilation also satisfies those needs with Yebisu303’s ‘Blueprint’, a last-minute favorite of mine. In the track’s layered background there’s a loop playing which stimulates the imagination while the recognizable dub synth does it’s work of playing with your sense of rhythm. (Watch out for a very groovy break followed by a drop like we haven’t heard since at least 2005.) Yes, there’s even a melodic techno track like Carl Craig is good at producing, Choochoogatagoto is the one responsible.

The CD supplies well to the techno loving people out there that are missing the original vibe. We need kickdrums, not plops. We want acid, not just a simple sine-wave. Minimal and tech-house have their place, on this album too. But playing the same sounds over and over is what kills a genre, a scene. This album bravely steps-up where even the hardest techno DJ’s have sold-out to simple bloops and over-used samples. It’s been enough!

A CD release is rare these days, especially for electronic music (Techno). But it does give a sense of nostalgia to open-up a sealed CD box. Welcome to the post-digital age where physical releases are becoming a rarity and more of a promotional tool than an actual selling point. That’s why I appreciate Cassette Records effort to put this out there, no matter what the market is doing. To step-up and say, nay shout: Techno isn’t dead yet! I haven’t even finished listening to the CD yet, and this is what the music is telling me. The CD holds even more surprises towards the end, but I’m not gonna spoil anymore for you. You should go out and check this out for yourself.

Track List

  1. dj tmykisb / Chrono Kitten
  3. iserobin / 7420247
  4. Limited toss / Gus
  5. 909state / Armed poker
  7. Pulse2Pulse / Bouncer
  8. Yebisu303 / Blueprint
  10. choochoogatagoto / Hat Season
  11. doremimate / Gymnopedia
  12. Sakoo / Heartbeat
  13. tofubeats / technoizer X
  14. SOL / One More Thing…

The album’s liner notes were written by Bibinba. I’m proud of you, 友達!


Nederland Helpt Japan

A nationwide fundraiser (in the Netherlands) to help the people of Japan: On this site you’ll find a collection of funds and charities organized to help. This way you can easily find a local event and help out by buying a ticket for a concert, putting money in the collectors box or attending a workshop. A small gesture can mean a big thing.

Another way to help is via my own charity: Buy the Y.A.M.A S.E. EP on my Music page and I’ll donate every penny to the Red Cross. That way you can support Japan, and enjoy my 3 track EP. Don’t like techno? You can always donate to the Red Cross directly.