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Mix: Techno? I Say Techyes! 5

Part 5 of my quarterly techno mixes

Techno I Say Techyes 5

During a party I was playing at the subwoofer passed away, sadly. Leaving me and the crowd without bass. To make up for the lack of low frequencies at the event, here’s a mix of what I meant to play.

Included with this recording: As much bass as you could possible desire.

Part 4 was late, so part 5 is early! Enjoy!





Techno? I Say Techyes! 3


Part 3 of my irregular, yet quarterly, techno mix ‘Techno? I Say Techyes!’

With dark, deep and hard techno tracks ranging from classics to brand new. This edition is a bit longer than previous ones for no other reason than “why not?”. Enjoy!

Techno? I Say Techyes! 3 by Jordyvision on Mixcloud



DJ Mix: JordyVision – CassetteDeck 04-10-2013

Last night I did a 4 hour long live DJ stream at, Boiler Room style

And here’s a recording of what went down, enjoy!


CassetteDeck 04-10-2013 by Jordyvision on Mixcloud


DJ Gig: Britain, Utrecht

Last-night shopping this Wednesday at Britain, Utrecht

Britain koopavond 12/6/2013

And the beats’ll covered by me, playing boom-bap, hip-house with a twist of deep-house.

18:00 – 22:00

Achter Clarenburg 39, Utrecht.








DJ Mix: JordyVision at Megabeat Club 5/4/2012

Live on Oog Radio’s Megabeat Club



This time with a playlist on Mixcloud.

Live at Megabeat Club (5-4-2012, Oog Radio) by Jordyvision on Mixcloud


And a short video of how I roll, courtesy of Megabeat Club: