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Release: Utrechts Producerplatform Volume 1: RMXD Atomsk (Updated)


From the Utrecht underground

Utrechts Producerplatform Volume 1: RMXD AtomskAtomsk, who we remember from this review, had his fine tracks remixed by members of the UPP. UPP is a platform for electronic music producers from the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Hence the meaning of the acronym: Utrecht’s Producer Platform. The platform started out by organizing events at various locations. Now it’s time for some music…

The brand new label’s first release is the results of these remixes by artists Pon de Panda, Baas (from Platvloers), Stijn Sadée, Etcha, and JordyVision (that’ll be me then).



Out the 27th of June 2012

Distribution powered by Prowess Records

Edit: Now also available on iTunes and Spotify!


Drugstore – Gaia EP [Cicuta 008]


 The latest hard techno release by Cicuta


It’s dark, it’s uptempo, it’s Drugstore as we know him best.

Free download via netlabel Cicuta


1. Gaia
2. Gaia (Oliver Kucera Remix)*
3. Kundalini
4. Kundalini (David Meiser Remix)
5. Circon
6. Circon (CBTØ Remix)

*Mastered By David Morales
Artwork: David Collado
Photography: Remoto


Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP [Cicuta006]

Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP [CICUTA 006]

Cicuta’s latest keep the dark techno beats going and going and going

And for this release it Bran Lanen‘s turn to keep you going till the early morning.

These tracks will fill-up your DJ set nicely with some extra gloom. Some of these beats might be a bit repetitive, but, given the right moment in the mix do exactly want you want them to. I like how Cicuta is trying to bring back the original techno sound and if you’ve liked the previous Cicuta releases, this one won’t disappoint. Download and enjoy! (Link below.)



As always, a free download: Bran Lanen – Sign Of The Progress EP


Cicuta004 : Hyo – Wicked Game EP

Cicuta 004: Hyo - Wicked Game EPOne of the best consequences of a new (net-)label is the fresh names it brings; Hyo

After missing the third EP, (I might do a review of it anyway) Cicuta releases a hard hitting six track EP with three original tracks and one remix each. The tracks are dark and abstract and take you (back?) to a sentient industrial machine gone rogue.

Here are some previews to give you an overall impression.


1908 Tunguska (PREV) by ‘Hyo

Chemical Imbalance (PREV) by ‘Hyo

Skyquake (PREV) by ‘Hyo

The tracks miss a bit of bass sometimes, a matter of taste perhaps, but the overall sound makes up for most of it. Some parts of the tracks remind me of Unmarked Noise’s release; V. Black with it’s quirky synth riffs and off-beat rhythms. The remixes take the idea of  ‘dark and industrial’ and give it a little more structure and in case of the Bran Lanen remix add a bit of imagination, a small silver-lining at the end of the storm. If, like me, you’ve got a yearning for more retro-techno this is well worth your bandwidth.



01. Hyo – 1908 Tunguska
02. Hyo – 1908 Tunguska (Po Remix)
03. Hyo – Chemical Imbalance
04. Hyo – Chemical Imbalance (Bran Lanen Remix)
05. Hyo – Skyquake
06. Hyo – Skyquake (Drugstore Remix)


Download link (Active on December 15th!)
Can’t wait? Here’s a download for Cicuta003 : Ajana EP.


Cicuta002 – Drugstore – Shadai EP

Cicuta002 - Drugstore - Shadai EPThe second Cicuta EP features a single artist, Drugstore presents his latest productions.

Download here

Kicking off with the intro to the EP, ‘The Birth’ is a short ambient/noise soundscape to set a mood for the EP. A rhythmic track follows, which shows influences from Detroid-bass with an experimental twist. The ‘Hermético Remix’ takes the track’s hook and transforms the song into a big-room techno remix.

Shadai is where the EP picks up in speed. An up-tempo techno track comparable to, and missed since, the sounds of the start of the millennium; Dark, thumping and spacy. The remixes of Shadai are not my cup of tea though, and this is also my only critique on this release. The remixes don’t do for the EP what they should have. They offer a different perspective, a very spooky one at that. But the remixes failed to grasp me.

All-round a less dark EP than the first Cicuta release. One that’s dancable and a little more experimental, rhythmic, and crisp. Crisp for it’s great stereo-image and clearness in sound. The tracks Drugstore delivers are good and usable in your DJ-set, but get dragged down a bit by the remixes. Be sure to listen to ‘Shadai’ and ‘Night Dream’ though, the EP’s little deejaying pleasures.

[CICUTA 002] Drugstore – Shadai EP by Cicuta Netlabel

Cicuta Netlabel
Drugstore on Soundcloud