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Fashionfacts – Besame

Prowess Records 7th Release brings some much needed sun to this grey summer: Fashionfacts

Fusing latin music with cut-up electro like only Fashionfacts can, which he proved before being part of Lovely Chords together with producer Premini. The theme-track of the EP, ‘Besame’ opens with a hiphop tempo filter-cumbia track followed by (tech-)house banger ‘Fantasy’.

To me personally, one of the best releases so far! The Fantasy track has been floating around the web for some time now, and I loved it ever since I heard the first demo version, which was already a great mix in it’s own right.



Bad Bwoy Style – 2007 DJ Demo

I found another one of my older mixes! This time ’round from 2007. In this mix I decided to play many different styles; Minimal & Electro, Techno & IDM, some classics from different areas of the electronic-music spectrum and some leftfield tracks as well.

In the end I didn’t spread this mix since it contains a small error… One of the turntable ground wires slipped loose during play and a hum can be heard for about a second during The Hacker’s ‘Space Travel’. I remember my arm automatically leaping to the ground-cable to put it back in place!

Again, this mix is all vinyl and recorded using Audacity.

01 Jeff Bennett – reinforcing
02 Moguai – ataque
03 Argy – Unreliable virgin
04 Slam – We’re not here
05 Colorswitch – stuntman
06 the Hacker – space travel
07 Radio Slave – screaming hands (Wink’s acid interpretation)
08 Model8 – Lemon8
09 Literon – karma asound
10 Trickski – drakkar
11 the Hacker – it was tomorrow
12 Daft Punk – revolution 909
13 New Order – blue monday
14 Secret Cinema – timeless altitude
15 Leftfield – double flash
16 Mr Oizo – flat beat
17 Kraftwerk – home computer
18 Cybotron – clear
19 Hashim – al naafiysh
20 Squarepusher – my red hot car (girl)