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Stylophone Sample Kit

A sample-kit of the 20 notes a Stylophone produces

JordyVision's StylophoneRecorded by using the Stylophone’s headphone out connected to a M-Audio Fast Track Pro at 96000Hz with 24-Bits of resolution. Carefully cut and tested by yours truly. And I’ve even included patches for Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler! During the recording the pitch of the Stylophone was tuned all the way down to get the most out of the bass.

Find the download below, but please take notice of the install instructions!

To install the Ableton Simpler and/or Sampler, check the following steps:

1. Locate the Ableton library.
2. Open the “Samples” folder located within the Ableton library.
3. Place the folder “JordyVision” in the “Samples” folder.*
4. Go back to the library and find a folder named “Presets”, open it.
5. Open the folder labeled “Instruments”.
5. Place the file named “Stylophone by JordyVision.adg” in the folder titled “Instrument Rack”, and “Stylophone by JordyVision.adv” in the “Sampler” folder.**

*If you’ve already installed the TR-505 and TR-606 samples before, just place the folder named “Stylophone” in the “JordyVision” folder.
**You can also double click the file(s) to open them in Ableton, then save them to the library within the application.

Download here.

All done! You can now find the instruments among the other Instrument Racks and and Sampler patches for Ableton. Any questions? Ask them in the comments below!