EP’s & Singles:

The first EP to be released using only the KORG M01 software for Nintendo DS. A minimal acid-house EP using the old-school sounds of the M01. Featuring artwork by Seb Lee.

My first single, written in two parts, before and after a trip to and through Japan. Inspired by a ride in the shinkansen and local trains. With vocals by Niki Brumas. Electro with hints of techno and blues.

Droomweg – The Remixes
With remixes by _aa_, CASSETTi, Premini and Afre (A.K.A. Nahom Nakfa). The remixes vary in style, ranging from afro-acid to dub-step and grime to techno.

Remixes & DJ-Tools:

Son of 8-Bits – Kawaii (かわいい)
Is probably the first DJ-tool ever to come out that was produced using the ‘Playing with: Drums’ software for Nintendo DSi. Up-tempo electro in nature, but still sounds funny when played at different speeds.
Artwork by Shinobu Ono (小野志乃芙).

“What I look Like” (JordyVision’s Kansai Acid Dip)
An epic electro track by Swedish producer Fujasaki, remixed by me on board of a Boeing 747 to and from Japan.
Because the track was made in two parts, the style shifts from acid-techno to electro.

“OK” (JordyVision’s Re-program Remix)
Swedish group Monarken made a track named “OK” and I remixed it. The original is a dance track with vocals. I stripped the song and turned it into a progressive-house track.

Hypnotic acid sounds, malignant dub-tracks and relentless drums