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Cicuta001 – Apgar EP

Cicuta, A new net-label based in Spain will release it’s first EP next week (September 15th). Floor-filler or nothing but net?

Cicuta 001 - Apgar EP

Artwork: David Collado Photography: Remoto


The EP kicks off with a minimal techno track titles ‘Quantum’ by Kike Pravda, who we’ve also heard on the now defunct label Offaudio. A bit of the usual minimal chatter that we’ve heard the last years but with a warm sound nonetheless. People who’ve had enough of minimal techno be warned; This theme runs throughout the entire E.P. However, starting at the second track already shows it’s diversity; ‘Librium’ by Vegim. A trip through abstract slighty off-beat up-tempo techno which I’ve been missing the past seven years! After just two minutes of rolling into the track the machine like drums and synths start their entrancing process. The break around four minutes stops the process, showing it’s payload only to start-up the process again and crush it, leaving you begging for more. The third track, ‘Home’ by i1 Ambivalent, is a perfect follow-up. Keeping the machines running and slamming you and everyone else listening.

Growing shadows- by ONE D & Edrian Sailing

Track four is a complete surprise, exploring a progressive minimalectro soundscape that will also be appreciated by many electro-house DJ’s the world over. It creates an oasis of organic melody in a harsh electronic landscape. (Not that that’s a bad thing!) The fifth track, ‘Growing Shadows’ by One-D & Edrian Sailing, lifts you from the oasis up in the air. It takes it’s time to get up to speed but the wait is well worth it. After about two minutes the synth starts it descents from the progressive air surrounding it and impacts with the ground on numerous occasions. It’s payload is delivered spread over the next 3 minutes after which it flies off into the air again.

Another ex-off regular shows his cybernetic muscles to finish off the EP, Drugstore with a new production titled ‘Udayan’. A big-room techno track with trippy vocals and long reverbs. It shows Drugstores progressive prowess, with many twists and turns keeping the listener dancing and surprised throughout the track. A great climax for a heavy techno set reminiscent of productions by Christian Smith and John Selway.

Utilizing the Creative Commons license means the music can be spread far and wide, allowing artists to play, edit, remix and sample the tracks unhindered by copyright laws. I’m very curious how this label is gonna pan out over the next couple of years. This first release shows a lot of potential and isn’t afraid to go it’s own course. It breaks free from all the repetitive minimal we’ve heard the last few years and strikes a chord with my personal objectives; Taking techno back into a more abstract darker realm where dancing is more important than tripping-out over simple bleeps. and with that I consider Cicuta’s maiden voyage a successful one, and one hell of a trip to boot!


01. Kike Pravda – Quantum
02. Vegim – Librium
03. i1 Ambivalent – Home
04. Mootiv – Work’Em Out
05. One D & Edrian Sailing – Growing Shadows
06. Drugstore – Udayan



Goodbye Offaudio

Offaudio - 2004 - 2011

The Offaudio saga ends here…

After about 7 years of brilliant service to the techno- & net-community Offaudio came down with some server issues. What many didn’t know, was that during it’s downtime the plans to continue Offaudio were being discussed. I was informed of this much earlier, but didn’t want to leak information that wasn’t decided just yet, and thus potentially incorrect. (Actually, my hopes were that Offaudio would stay, but alas.)

You can read the note on

Sixty-nine releases is not a small feat, 69 releases from many different techno producing artists such as Dessben, Numbtone, Kuniaki Takenaga, Raphy Beltre, Ilya Zonov, Unai Maleski, Monokao and Killminimal. Arguably, all top-quality releases worth every single bit of your bandwidth.

I featured these Offaudio releases in pretty much any show I did, Holland to Japan. And also feature heavily in my promotional DJ-mixes, on Mixcloud or right here on these pages. When I had a day of rest during my trips to Japan, Offaudio tracks were usually the first I’d add to my playlist(s) for the day, on my iPod and when preparing for my next DJ-set.

What will remain is the memory, and of course the actual files (tracks) that still carry the Offaudio logo, the many tracks on your hard-drive, and possibly floating in your cloud-service somewhere.

And with that we say farewell to (in my opinion) the best Techno net-label yet..

Read more about Offaudio

plpl012: Schubotter – The Story About Spring

Plusplus Audio 012: Schubotter - The Story About SpringPlusplus audio : plpl012


The Story About Spring, let Schubotter tell you…

The Story about Spring by SCHUBOTTER


No Healing Through Pharma by SCHUBOTTER

The release includes two more remixes of ‘The Story About Spring’ by a:lex and Sebastian Albrecht.

Download the full release; plpl012 for free on PlusPlus Audio.

Offaudio 69 – MC94 – Distances 7CA

More Tech-step darkness in this Offaudio release, at varying tempos as well. Offaudio’s move towards a new sound in techno-land has it’s roots firmly in the (off-beat) Techno ground of the last decade. But combined with the Dub-step craze of lately this sound could become a crossover appreciated by both Techno and Dub-step-lovers.

I wonder how this new sound will turn out… Offaudio is promising big things to come..

Check it out here! You can find the download link below.

These tracks are released under: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported

Download here: Offaudio 69 – MC94 – Distances 7CA

Offaudio 68 – Dessben – Doss por Cuatro

The latest Offaudio release coincides with the newest version of the website; Offaudio 5.0

I’ve got the scoop on this one! Before the launch tomorrow (it’s out now), this is the only place where you’ll be able to hear this release. I’ll add a download link tomorrow after the release. (Done, check the player.)

Dessben, ruler and overlord of the dark techno force that is Offaudio. I found the label through research for my own label Prowess Records, trying to find out how other net-labels operate. I listened to over 20 gigs of music while looking for deeper meaning behind the Creative Common licenses. Offaudio delivered, and I’ve been following their releases ever since.

These tracks are released under: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported

Download here: Offaudio – Dessben – Doss Por Cuatro

Tech-step is the name of the style Dessben chose for his latest EP. I would have called it off-beat techno, something I haven’t heard in a long time. But, the influences from dub-step are obviously present and sets the EP apart from most ‘off-beat techno’ I played before. The dark brooding sound of filtered saws and looming deep basslines to drag you further into the experience combined with sound-effects and breaks remind me of Leftfield, experimental producers from the UK who combined techno, dub, and breaks into their own sound.

Though I’m not a dub-step enthusiast, I, for one, welcome this new tech-step sound into the evolutional gene-pool that is electronic music and it’s plethora of sub-genres. Where D’n’B listeners looked back for new inspiration and found it in dub-reggae, this, to me, feels like taking the concept and looking back to the break-beat oriented sound of Electro-funk from Detroid. It’s more like the former rather than the latter, but it gives an industrial feel which I haven’t heard in techno for quite a while. I’m loving the rhythmic beats and basslines and with 8 tracks on the EP, I feel spoiled. Gimme moar!

And if an exclusive review wasn’t enough, Dessben was so kind to give me a first look at the new design of the Offaudio website. Version 5.0 of the site is going to be unveiled to the public tomorrow (along with the new release) and it’s looking slick. Very clean, useful and still good to look at.

There should be a picture of Offaudio 5.0 here... If not, check if you're using IE and if so dump it for Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

The new website and EP will be launched tomorrow, Wednesday the 30th of June, 2010.