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New Mixcloud Feature:

Embed all cloudcasts with one snippet of code!

Mixcloud: Embed all cloudcasts in one go

On your profile, (or that of someone else for that matter) you can see a little closing tag next to the word “Activity“, this one: “</>” (upper right in the above picture). One quick press on this button neatly embeds all cloudcasts (from that particular DJ) in one player. The code you get is similar to the one you’re already used to for embedding cloudcasts.

Here’s mine:

Happy embedding!

DJ Mix: All Your DataBase Are Belong to Us

Originally titled: “All Your e-mail Are Belong To Us”, after having a laugh when the Mediadefender email system was hacked. I decided to put it up on Mixcloud cause Sony reminded me the past week. And hence a small change in the name: All Your Database Are Belong To Us.

Downloads & In The Mix page updates

I’ve added a new download to the downloads page; JordyVision – Droomweg – The Remixes. Prowess Records release PROWREC003.

And I’ve embedded my Mixcloud mixes on the In The Mix page.

Enjoy (・ω・)

Nihon Techno’s (日本テクノス) – Bar Mel – 24th July 2010

Coming Saturday, the 24th of July (2010) At Bar Mel

..I’ll be playing a damn fine Techno, Tech-House and Minimal set at a damn fine party called Nihon Techno’s (日本テクノス). The party will start at 22:00.


いっちー (mel Sunday Cafe)

JordyVision (Prowess Records)

Visuals by VJ Shu

Come one, come all!

Shit Dat Rockt And more…

This Tuesday, I will be the final act playing at ‘Shit Dat Rockt’, a party organized at the Academy of Popculture, Leeuwarden.

Click to enlarge

Shit dat rockt will bring you a real band battle, with bands playing opposite of each other like in a DJ or MC battle, DJ’s with live artists and much much more..

Shit Dat Rockt – Facebook
Shit Dat Rockt – Myspace

Article on VPRO 3 Voor 12 (Dutch)

I, JordyVision, will play from 2:15 AM till the end of the party.

Tuesday the 22nd of June, Academie voor Popcultuur. (Achter de hoven 23, Leeuwarden)

But that’s not all! Today I got some more information about my trip to Japan next month.. My interim manager girlfriend told me I’m playing three gigs in Kobe, Japan this summer! More details soon…