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Monarken – OK (Reprogram Remix By JordyVision)

As mentioned in my last post, I was working on a remix for Swedish group Monarken, It’s finished now!

I took the midi from the original bassline and combined it with some home-made synth sounds. I decided to use the original kick-drum and layered it with an 808. You’ll also notice CR-78 and TR-707 samples for some of the rhythm-sections and a few percussion loops taken from the original. So that’s why I decided to call it ‘Reprogram remix’.

Download it for free: Monarken – OK (Reprogram Remix By JordyVision)

Edit: As of now you can also listen to the song and download it at Bandcamp or Soundcloud.


Lately I’ve been enjoying the delights of remixing. The first official remix I did was for Fujasaki for his What I Look Like? EP. A few weeks ago I started work on a remix for Lacrosse for their song; “My Stop”, And now I’m gonna create some alternate versions for Monarken and CASSETTi. (Did anyone notice all but one of these artists are from Sweden? hehehe!)

That’s a quick rundown of things for ya. Expect these tracks to pop-up somewhere rather soon!

Fujasaki – What I Look Like? (JordyVision’s Kansai Acid Dip)