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CASSETTi debut: Double That EP

Kent based Dubstep duo CASSETTi released their debut EP

CASSETTi - Double That EP Album-Art

After showing their worth with remixes such as no less than Chase & Status and one of my own tracks; ‘Droomweg‘. The duo has been working on releasing their own EP.  I knew this one was coming for a while now, as I was responsible for mastering these gems..

CASSETTi takes Dubstep up a notch by spreading the influences over a spectrum of musical genre’s. Electro would be obvious, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a metal-head go wild to this.

Free downloaded via Bandcamp!

JordyVision – Droomweg Remixes on Junodownload

Another EP out on Juno!

JordyVision feat. Niki Brumas & Son of 8-Bits – Droomweg The Remixes featuring a Dubstep version by CASSETTi, Electro remix by _aa_, some greasy grime by Nahom Nakfa and Intergalactic afro infusions by Premini.

Komono Galactic Black

I need a new watch!

It’s a shame when treasured item’s become meaningless. When people are angry they often think they are right. When people want to prove they are right no matter what the cost, they’ll do anything including lie to prove it. I wanted time to tick together. Forever. Some people just don’t have any class. But I digress, I need a new watch!

A cup of steaming hot black coffee, listening to some dark brooding music, like I do. And who walks up to my door and rings the bell? My neighbor of course! The postal services delivered my package there because I was out the day before. It’s contents? My new watch of course, silly! So without further ado..

Yes, it’s not the one people told me to buy. I want one that looks good on me, not the other way around. It has all the functions I need; Time, date and a back-light for when it’s dark. Though, I still think about getting the other one as well. The Nasa CMYK. ◕‿‿◕


Lately I’ve been enjoying the delights of remixing. The first official remix I did was for Fujasaki for his What I Look Like? EP. A few weeks ago I started work on a remix for Lacrosse for their song; “My Stop”, And now I’m gonna create some alternate versions for Monarken and CASSETTi. (Did anyone notice all but one of these artists are from Sweden? hehehe!)

That’s a quick rundown of things for ya. Expect these tracks to pop-up somewhere rather soon!

Fujasaki – What I Look Like? (JordyVision’s Kansai Acid Dip)