Reminiscing Part 2 – Halfway between Latin & Elektro

So actually, this techno has more in common with Tech-house. But because of the tribal rhythms I’ll just stick with this post-name.

Adam Bayer – Remainings III

A Tech-House tribal hand drum combined with deep progressive synthesizer lines. This track always illustrates to me how much of a trance one can reach from listening to almost the same thing for minutes on end, while slowly progressing to an raw finish. In this case reached by a ever so slowly opening low-pass filter. This track wouldn’t look out of place in today’s minimal settings as well.

Midfield General – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)

In a way, a similar track to the previous one. Dave Clarke’s remix of Coatnoise (probably called that way for the sound of the modulated saw-wave) always gets people dancing and cheering. Is it the tribal rhythm or the synth-line? I guess it’s both. I already found this track on one of Dave Clarke’s compilations (World Service), but imagine the rush I felt when finding this one for cheap on a small record market in the center of Utrecht.

In the next installment of “Reminiscing“: Elektro