Offaudio 65 – Apagón LP

Always happy to get a new Offaudio promo in my mailbox! This time ’round it’s Apagón LP 03.

Featuring various artists like Raphy Beltre, Numbtone, Falk and Banding!, this album is not your average minimal deal, focused on getting your attention using very interesting, non-straightforward sounds and synths. Some of these sounds could, for instance, very well be used in today’s Dubstep scene. Some tracks are best enjoyed at home while others could be mixed on the dance-floor very well. Depending on your mood of-course, and the setting where it’s played. Very interesting album indeed. (Yeah I know, I’m a little biased towards Offaudio. But free albums don’t come at this quality often!)

I wonder how you, dear reader, feel about these tracks. Take a listen below, and drop a comment. Oh, and don’t forget to tell @offaudio how much you enjoyed.

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