Traktor DJ Studio

In the past week I’ve been practicing hard on using Traktor DJ Studio 3.

My setup for DJ’ing consists of:
– iBook G4 1333mhz 1.5 GB RAM
– Traktor DJ Studio 3.4
– M-Audio X-session Pro for controlling Traktor DJ
– Korg Kaoss Pad 2 (Who’s BPM is synced to Traktor using a Phonic midi-hub.)

In the past, one of the first things i noticed is that using only a mouse and keyboard to control a DJ application sucked big time. So ones i got a X-session pro i created a layout for controlling the software which suites my taste. But ones i had that covered i didn’t have enough free knobs to control the effects! Well, i already own a Kaoss Pad. So using effects in the mix is sorted as well.

Later this week i will write a few useful hints for syncing Traktor DJ to external gear like a kaoss pad, or Ableton Live. For now, please listen to ‘Jean Parlette‘. A band from the Netherlands with a nice style of their own.