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New Mixcloud Feature:

Embed all cloudcasts with one snippet of code!

Mixcloud: Embed all cloudcasts in one go

On your profile, (or that of someone else for that matter) you can see a little closing tag next to the word “Activity“, this one: “</>” (upper right in the above picture). One quick press on this button neatly embeds all cloudcasts (from that particular DJ) in one player. The code you get is similar to the one you’re already used to for embedding cloudcasts.

Here’s mine:

Happy embedding!

KRAK – Bar Mel

This next Saturday, August 14th 2010: KRAK at Bar Mel in Kobe


The Megane~Zu (The めがね〜ず)
DJ Sugiden (DJ うどん)
JordyVision (Prowess Records)

Damage: ¥1000 + 1 free drink

More Info:
Acid Over The Rainbow
Bar Mel

The Megane~Zu – Adventures Beyond The Delicious World

めがね〜ず - Adventures Beyond The Delicious WorldJapan’s best kidding DJ’s deliver a new mixtape. But this time they are dead serious!

Usually The めがね〜ず make mixes for fun. But both members of the DJ duo are big fans of Techno. And thus they decided it was time for a demonstration of their favorite Techno classics.

The Megane~zu – Adventures Beyond The Delicious World by The Megane~zu

01. Captain Funk – O.Y.M. (Christopher Just Remix)
02. Buy Now – For Sale (Felix Da Housecat With Fan-ky Reredub Edit)
03. Bam Bam – Give It To Me
04. Motor – Flashback
05. Hardfloor – Acperience 5
06. Underworld – Kittens
07. Safri Duo – Rise
08. Orbital – Halcyon & On & On
09. Joey Beltram – Drome
10. The Stone Roses – Waterfall (Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osbourne Remix)
11. Phenomania – Strings Of Love
12. Karafuto – Shadow
13. Lo-Fi-Fnk – Marchin’ In
14. René et Gaston – Conte de Fées
15. Kleerup – Until We Bleed (With Lykke Li)
16. Cortney Tidwell – Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson Remix)
17. Pogo – Under A Spell
18. Fuck Buttons – Olympians
19. CoCoRosie – God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me
20. Kaito – We Are Living Here
21. Radiohead – Motion Picture Soundtrack

To be honest, I was very surprised! Usually blending together a selection of cool, fun and beautiful tracks, but just for fun without much need for skill. This time round it’s a serious mixtape with some cool surprises up it’s sleeve. I’m proud of my students, hehehe!

Inside scoop! Megane~zu will drop another mixtape soon, featuring your truly… Stay tuned..

Acid Over The Rainbow – The Megane~Zu – Adventures Beyond The Delicious World (日本語)
Nowhere – The Megane~Zu – Adventures Beyond The Delicious World (日本語)


A new mixtape by The めがね〜ず and me!

You might have noticed it being on my mix-page for a few weeks, but after a few freaks ‘n’ tweaks and a Sleeve designed by the めがね〜ず’s talented and funny designer; Lunemusique, we are all set to launch.

Enjoy the mix!

Further reading:

Lunemusique (Japanese)
Acid over the Rainbow (Japanese)

Japanese Talent

During my preparation to visit Japan to perform and learn I will also search for talent in the nice country of 日本 (Nihon, Japan). As one of the owners of Prowess Records scouting seems like a useful things to do…

The Megane~zu!
Now, I’m not completely honest here. I’ve known these nice people for some time now. As me and The Megane~zu have been working on a joint-venture mixtape! It’s nearly finished, and watch this space, as I’ll host it right here.
Also.. Right now they are doing a mixtape in co-operation with Lapin, AND after this mixtape is done, Hachi-Bitto no Musuko (that’s me) and The Megane~zu will start work on part 2!

オイオイ! More talent (and the mixtape) soon…