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Software update

After giving Nitrotracker a rigurous testing, it was time to get some other software i had my eyes on.

First on my list was another tracker program for an older Gameboy model; Little Sound DJ. Using a Gameboy emulator for Nintendo DS, Lameboy,i was quickly able to try out this legendary piece of homebrew softwareso perfect for chiptuning. Following the tutorial, i quickly got thegrips with the layout of the buttons and the usage of the differentscreens. It reminded me of years long ago when i used to check out afriend of mine creating the most amazing pieces of music of his Amiga.It’s a real shame he’s not into music-production anymore..
Thisfirst impression of this application was very positive. Though i needto go a lot more in-depth, since it offers loads more then ilearned/discovered so far.

Secondly: Applied-acoustics Tassman. After getting a great offer from Ableton to get it with a huge discount, I read up on it and liked what i read.Not only is it a modular synth/effect builder, it includes sound designon a bigger scale: physical modeling. Meaning you get to pick partsfrom existing instruments and build real-sounding instruments like aguitar, drum-kit, violin and loads more, including, off-course, theusage of your imagination to build real-sounding but non-existentinstruments.
My impression that Tassman was kinda like Reason,but with a different approach quickly faded and i’ve had loads andloads of fun last weekend following the tutorials and trying out thedifferent parts of the modular environment. I can recommend thisapplication to anyone looking for a modular environment, and a greatsound engine. My woofers were blastin’ louder then ever before, theseoscillators mean business.