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Near Earth Object – On and On Inside

Hungry for the summer yet? This’ll make you!

Cover: Near Earth Object - On And On Inside

This track is a groovy house track with a vibe that will appeal to many dance music lovers. A warm bassline, vocal samples and a summer feel. Not quite the style that Near Earth Object is known for, but still, as always, dancefloor material with a twist.

I personally endorse this tune cause, well, it’s good! Really good! I suggest snapping it up before his Bandcamp page runs out of downloads. One of the hottest summer tracks of 2014.


Store link:


Back to School

The summer holiday is nearing it’s end, and I’ve been getting ready for a new year of college and projects. I can’t yet predict how the entire year will turn out, but there is one project i will spend a lot of time on. A project I’ve been waiting for a long time to realize. My own record-label.

Every DJ/Producer wants to get his or her tracks ‘out there’, and therefore i figured it would be the most pratical to start out myself. Why wait for a label to pick you up, or an agent to get your name spread, when you could do it yourself. Now, i’m not gonna say that i will take any form of succes for granted. But in these days and times having a GTD attitude is something that could get your far.

A smaller project that’s definitly not of lesser importance is a project that involves me going to Germany! Hamburg, Gamecity is my destination. But as of yet i have received little info about this trip, and so i will not say much more about it untill i do. Come Tuesday i might have more to tell ya’ll.
In the meantime, check out This talented producer has been working on his projects for many years now, and while i can try and explain his works in terms of genre, i should not as every track combines a few. Acid infused Hiphop is one of them. Progressive Acid-Techno meets analog Drum and Bass is another. All i can say is check it out for yourself. His website hosts many mp3’s of his making and volume 4 of his “Fahcid” series has just been released! The latest release entitled “Coracid Speed Acid” is up for grabs, completely free, just like the rest of the series and much, much more at:

Or check out his portfolio site:

And let’s not forget to add him on Myspace.