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Youtube Channel Update

The design of the official JordyVision Youtube Channel has been updated

It was in desperate need of a brush-up and Youtube supplied just the thing; Channels 2.0.

Subscribe, befriend, comment or just watch. To make things even easier for you, there’s a small subscribe button up to the right, and one below. Thanks!

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JordyVision – Y.A.M.A on iTunes

Took me a while to find the right way to distribute my music on iTunes, but now that I do…

Now available on iTunes!

Y.A.M.A - Single - JordyVision

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A on Juno!

Another milestone reached! My EP Y.A.M.A on Juno download!

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

Written and mixed using only the KORG M01 software for Nintendo DS. A huge war was fought to get rid of the noise, and further EQ and compression done in Ableton Live.

I hope you like it!

JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

Cover design by Seb Lee.