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MIGA Netlabel

Thanks to @Offaudio, I found another net-label to pillage, loot and plunder for free CC 3.0 downloads!

Happy 5th anniversary MIGA! Like Offaudio this label is Spanish, features Minimal-Techno and all tracks are completely free and use the Creative Commons 3.0 license you let you mix, remix and distribute how you see fit. (As long as the CC license allows you to.) On first impression the label sounds good, and one thing that sets this label apart from many others is the usage of video-clips to give a little extra depth to the music and the label as a whole.

Since I will be in Tokyo for a few days, I don’t have the time right now to review the label in it’s entirety. But once I’m back I’ll download all, yes all, releases to tell you how I feel about them. Currently, the first three releases keep me happy enough to tell y’all about this label. And I suggest you take a look around their website: http://www.miga-label.org/

Here’s the first video MIGA released, “Nökeö & Decolora – Mañana en el parque”. Expect more in the upcoming review-post.