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Home Studio Hacks: The Acid Station

(Mis)using an item to suit other needs and perhaps making it more useful in the process

Acid Station

A simple lifehack in the same vein as Ikea hackers. This is not a big hack, but it makes for a great (home-)studio mod.

I was thinking of a way to achieve this (pictured) and I noticed the cheapest model of the bunch, the Apextone LS-01, suited my needs perfectly. At only €15,- it’s by far the cheapest laptop-rack/stand money can buy. There’s an optional tray for another €15,-, and that’s what the Roland TR-606 is sitting on.

Let me share another small hack for in the home studio: Get a bunch of switchable plugs like pictured below. They’ll save you some power-usage and in some cases are an easy way to switch on your instruments and effects. These are the european variant, but I’m sure you can buy a local version wherever you live.


My new toys – Roland MC-303 & TR-606

With some help from my love I purchased these. She and her friend helped me order these on the web and they were waiting for me on my arrival in Japan the seventh of September.

Roland TR-606

Roland MC-303

Both are such cool machines to work with and both hold some surprises when playing around with them. The TR-606 is fully analog and the MC-303 is a rompler, meaning the TR-606 uses oscillators and modulation to create it’s sounds and the MC-303 gets it’s sounds from a memory bank. A lot of great vintage sounds can be found inside.