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ChipTune DJ-Tool Project: Bit-Juggling

Son of 8-Bits - Bit Juggling

Time for some fun, time for some new DJ-Tools, time for some new (free) downloads! Here’s the down-low:

Today I release a previously unreleased DJ-Tool I made back in 2007. With the release of this DJ-Tool I start a new project I like to call ‘Bit-Juggling’. Every now and then, I’ll upload a new track on my project page ChipTune. There, you can sign-up to join the project and download the first two songs. After signing-up you get notified automatically when a new track is posted and each new one features it’s own unique artwork and sounds from different kinds of software and hardware, like, for example, KORG DS-10 Plus for Nintendo DSi or Little Sound DJ on the Nintendo Gameboy, a beaten old Commodore-64, or a friend’s Amiga. I might go all out and cheat a little, meaning my vacuum-cleaner and blender aren’t ruled out!

The album will be finished bit by bit, download by download. But here’s the catch: When the album is finished, it will be sold. Meaning that if you sign-up now, you get the whole album for free! Those that wait might have to pay a fee… Early-birds get the most!

See that Facebook share button up there? Or the Tweet button below? Use them to get your friends involved as soon as possible before the ticker starts counting. Let’s kick-off the project with the first DJ-Tool!

Der Doolb

Inspired by hard hitting electro tracks such as IF’s ‘I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less’ and Mr. Oizo’s ‘Smoking Tape’, this DJ tool features 808 style sounds taken from a Commodore 64 with the volume turned to 11. Mangled, twisted, and slammed through countless waves of distortion, recorded on a tape-deck, and then, neatly wrapped-up for use in your audio-reproduction tool of choice. Enjoy!

Bye 2009, hello 2010

You were great. I will always remember you.

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In another post I explained who (and why) my favorite DJ of 2009 is. In this post I’ll tell you about my favorite track of 2009. It’s shear beauty, it’s great production; melody, synths, vocals. And to me, essentially, it’s emotional value:

We listened to this song together in the car, an route to Himure in 滋賀 (Shiga) with お母さん behind the wheel. I already loved this song for personal reasons, but at that exact moment in time I realized, with a lump in my throat: “I don’t want to go home. I wanna stay here with マキちゃん forever. We were counting down the days till we could finally spend time together. Now that we are, I don’t wanna go!”

2009 was a brilliant year. I have good hopes for 2010, but, this year was special in so many ways. Unexplainable, I can’t put it in writing. So, without further ado I’ll let the music and my favorite track of 2009 do the talking.

Gui Boratto – No Turning Back

Of course, there were many more great tracks produced this year. Offaudio had some brilliant releases, Lele’s Marble EP was the best electro I’d heard in a while and my own productions have finally started to sound like release worthy. (Yes, yes, very soon, I’m sorry for the delay!) I’ve finally been able to toy around with real hardware, the MC-303 and TR-606 and the already brilliant Korg DS-10 found it’s big brother; Korg DS-10 Plus. Not too mention how kind Ableton Live has been to me the past months.

2009 was hard work and it had it’s downs. But the good memories outweigh the bad in so many ways. Thank you 2009, with you in the back-pocket, I can only imagine how brilliant 2010 will be. Thanks so much 2009 and please send me a postcard when you think of me.

Empire Of the Sun – Walking On A Dream

マキちゃん, I will be back soon…

KORG DS-10 Plus

A much wanted and sought after video-game application for Nintendo DS, KORG DS-10. AQ Interactive released a new version version for both DS and DSi just short of a month ago; KORG DS-10 Plus (Play-Asia).

This version promised a few improvements over the original when played on the normal Nintendo DS, but the main core of the application is in the DSi version. The same game-card can be used for both systems and the DSi version is fully backward-compatible, meaning that when linking up the systems for multi-play, both “games” will sync-up it’s tempo and thus you can still use your old version to create tracks on multiple DS’s. For more on it’s features, I’m gonna let Denji Sano do the talking in his Keynote: Take it away Denji!

Allowing up to four DS to be synced. When used wisely, like say, via à 4 channel mixer, one could create a very interesting song created on four separate KORG DS-10’s, all running in sync. The DSi version features the same stuff you already knew from the original DS version, but, everything in dubbles. Twelve instead of six channels, four instead of two synths, eight instead of four drum-tracks and so on. When used with the new DSi “Dual-mode” this would mean, technically, you could have 8 KORG’s all synthesizing in tune and in time with each other. That’s some bang for your buck! Unfortunately, I don’t have a DSi yet, so I could not test the DSi features myself.

I ordered KORG DS-10 Plus on Amazon, costing me only ¥3150. But expect retailers (if sold in a store at all… Remember how many shops sold DS-10?) to squeeze about €45,- out of your wallet, or I guess, about $50,-. So I recommend ordering the application via the good ol’ internet. Remember that this is a Japanese release, and so the manual will be in Japanese. If you want an English manual, you’ll have to wait for Q1 2010 for an American and European release. But if you already used the original version and read the original manual, you won’t find any surprises in this installment.


When i was younger i (not so suprisingly) played a lot of video-games. Sega and Nintendo was the shit back then. Atari was just about to fail, and Sony was a brand selling stuff like VCR’s and cd-players. After Sony did make the Playstation, and even microsoft made the Xbox. I called it quits. Well offcourse i still like a good round of GTA every now and again, but i am not a “gamer” anymore.

What gives me an excuse to buy a console nowadays?

Music! I got myself a Nintendo DS back in December, and started searching around for good homebrew applications. There’s allready tons of sites informing about the latest homebrew in all sorts, shapes and sizes. So i’m sticking to the musical side of things. Being an avid Ableton and Reason user, what kind of programs would satisfy my producing needs?

– Nitrotracker

A tracker for the DS, a good start to the list, and definitly the first download you should get if you want to produce music on your DS. The program loads samples straight of your SD-card and those samples can then be programmed like any other tracker would allow you to. It also supports DSMIDIWIFI (next on the list) which makes it the worlds smallest sequencer. The only downside i can think of is the lack of effects (the ones usually found in fasttracker clones). My guess is the DS is just to slow a computer to handle effects.

– DS Midi WiFi

Pretty much does what it says on the tin. You can use you Nintendo DS as a midi-player over your wireless connection. The site provides some more additional applications to toy around with as well.

– Protein DScratch

Touch-screen scratching, very cool. I personally use it to slow down samples, because it does that perfectly! Sounds real good.

– Glitch

Using samples, the touchpad control and the other controls on your DS to manipulate the sound in some very weird ways. Ideal for IDM, BreakCore and Techno. also provides RepeaterDS, a sampler using the touch-screen to play the sample from different staring points.

– KORG DS-10

It’s not out yet, and it’s not a homebrew app. This is what i’ve been waiting for! A simple synth with all kinds of parameters to tweak and an arpreggio and a step sequencer. Should come out next month, i can’t wait!