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Quick Fix

Wow, it’s been some time since i last wrote here, so i better get to writing. Fast!

Well, life is sweet. Real sweet in fact. My own label is done (on paper). And the first release will be in February 2009.
Featured artist:
Dave Mech and me!

Right in before; january 2009, i will start a DJ-course in Utrecht.

And let’s not forget Frisse Fratsen coming thursday! Be there!!

And last months, this website generated 5.4 Gigabytes of traffic. Wow! Thanks people! Thats a new personal record!!
Please tell me how you feel about the mixes.

Frisse Fratsen

To all my readers in Fryslan (en omstreken):

Go check out Frisse Fratsen. A secret and exclusive party in the heart of Fryslan, Leeuwarden.

11 December 2008
Entrance: Free! But you’ll have to sign-up in advance at
Location: Secret, ooooooohh…

Line up:

Rolodex (Electro, Live!)
Son of 8-Bits (Retrolectro, Minimalectro)
Gumnaam (Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass)
Harde Baas (Electrodanceclashbeatstep)

Secret Party

The 11th of December i will play a special DJ set at a yet unknown and secret location. The legality of this event is unsure to very unsure. And that’s a very optimistic way of looking at things. Never the less, keep watching this space. I think this might just unfold as one of the cruelest (in a good way) events to hit Leeuwarden.

More info to follow.