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Showkaas Live! at ACU Utrecht [06-11-2014]


Showkaas Live! at ACU in Utrecht

Showkaas Live!

Innovative, creative and versatile – that’s what techno is supposed to be according to the Showkaas crew. With this sentiment in mind, they’ll bring a program that’ll indulge and amaze the senses. Creative visual projects, deejays, musicians and producers – Live! at the ACU.

To the Showkaas collective, innovation, presentation and interaction are the most important principles. With new ways of cooperating and sharing knowledge, and by reinventing events with artistic content, they aim to create a unique and progressive experience that combines the various disciplines.

In the main hall the visuals, tracks, live instruments and professional studio equipment will be fused to create multi-sensorial live techno. And with warm housey sounds and much needed refreshments at the bar, this edition of Showkaas Live! will be a unique concept in the city of Utrecht.


Time and location:

Thursday the 6th November, 22:00 to 03:00, ACU (Voorstraat 71, Utrecht)
Free entrance!


Main area:

Actitect (Conductor, Drum-machine, Synthesizers)
Dave Mech (Tracks, Decks & FX)
JordyVision (Tracks, Decks & FX)
Near Earth Object (Live)
Matthias Klein (Tracks & Decks)
More live acts TBA!


Doktor Know (Decks & FX)
Bo Risky (Decks & FX)


Showkaas Live! Flyer


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[Performance] Festival Met Hart en Ziel


Playing my first Festival! Festival Met Hart en Ziel

You’ll find me, together with other underground talents, in the ‘DJ’s Underground’ area hosted and powered by DJ School Utrecht

Logo: Festival Met Hart En Ziel

Line-up and time-table


20.00-21.00 Sven-S
21.00-22.00 Arno
22.00-23.00 JordyVision
23.00-0.00 David Morales
0.00-01.00 Shiefone


20.00-20.45 Hyn
20.45-21.30 Daktarie
21.30-22.15 Warehouse
22.15-23.00 Artez



‘Get HY on our supply!’ DJ School Utrecht

A classic Hy van. And DJ’s. A simple formula for a brilliant project!



And you can make it become reality! There’s some really cool features to the funding element as well. From a t-shirt to having your name on the van to having the van at your party, there’s something for just about anyone. Boris (the guy in the video.. What do you mean you didn’t watch? Scroll back up and click that vid, #$%&! Where were we, oh yes, Boris) is even kind enough to let you pick your own reward if the ones in the supply don’t get you Hy.

Check the crowdfunding page on Get Hy on Our Supply‘ where not only the project and rewards are explained in-depth, but you can also read-up on how crowdfunding works. Just a few details about crowdfunding: Are the predetermined prices too high for your budget, any spare fiver or tenner helps. Is the target not met? No money is lost, it’s returned to your account. And is giving away money not your cup of tea, then take note that it’s a tax deductible gift. So you might have to reconsider who you’d rather give your money to. Taxes or someone who’s actually making the world a fun place to live? Shouldn’t be hard to answer that, right?