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Review: Unmarked Noise – First And Last

Unmarked and perhaps unknown. Does the first noise remain the last?

Unmarked Noise - First And Last Album-Art by @Syrion

It’s been a while since I heard a new IDM album. In fact, with the Board Of Canada spending time with their families and Aphex Twin remaining silent since Druqs (except for the AFX series and The Tuss), good IDM, also known as Braindance, is hard to come by these days. (If you know something I don’t feel free to leave a comment!)

The album starts with Barbaguda, the track you’ll hear in the above video. From what I’ve heard, Unmarked Noise searched the archives by himself to find old video-material and edited the whole thing by himself too! But I could be wrong, see, just as vague as the opening track kicks-off the album, the same applies to how much is known about Unmarked Noise. (Next to nothing!) Which is the real shame, cause once you’ve entered the realm, and the second tracks kicks in…

You’re lost! Lost in sound, lost in beats and you’re unwillingly scanning your brain for anything recognizable to hold on to. There are many familiarities, many sounds which you might have heard before, but, you have no clue where, when, or by who. Don’t get me wrong, this is not some “abstract, just for the sake of abstract” kind of album. Not some weird stuff played at weird intervals “just to be original”. Heck, Unmarked Noise’s album is probably all written in the most used annotation of all, 4/4, quarter-notes. And that’s where it gets interesting, cause how many IDM tracks can be heard at an average minimal-techno party? Sure, Windowlicker managed to infiltrate, and James Holden manages to mix the most obscure stuff very well, but did you ever hear Squarepusher or Venetian Snares anywhere else besides Breakcore parties? Probably not. But this album can do just that; Add a little freak to your Jack.

I must say I’m impressed by the album. Having that twisted IDM feel that Aphex Twin did very well in his AFX series and under his other, other alias; The Tuss. While retaining a danceable beat reminiscent of Acid-Techno and experimental 80’s electro like Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force. There’s even a hint of Future Sound Of London to be found in there, and some cool Minimal breaks and climaxes. This album offers a lot a lot of replay value: See what hints, parts, influences (and perhaps Easter eggs?) are to be found.

The official press-release can be found on Mi2n. To download the opening track Barbaguda for free, visit the Prowess Records releases page. Subscribe to the Prowess Records Newsletter and get a 2nd songs for free!