Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

CNN: 00:30 (ish) last night (25/6) watching TV; I got the news as it broke. I hoped the heart attack would remain just that, a heart-attack. But the LA-times had already published what most of us feared: Michael Jackson is dead.

Name one artist with such an impressive repertoire? Even if you weren’t a fan chances are you still liked one or two of his songs. Varying from disco to rock, R&B to dance, and fusing them all in the process. Michael did it all. And it shouldn’t be a surprise coming from someone who worked with world-famous producer Quincy Jones and later Teddy Riley (And others). Thriller is still the worlds number one selling album, including the worlds longest video of the albums namesake.

I loved his music as a kid, and looking back, I can honestly say: Producing these albums has been a real achievement for both Michael and his producer(s); The music never gets boring. The song always have a certain drive to them, or have an uplifting, positive mood. Try listening to Madonna for an hour on end. (Hell, I’d rather not hear a single song of hers! – Editor)

The king of pop,  a music-icon through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and still a huge source of inspiration before and during the 2k’s. I wish you farewell, good sir. May you rest in peace.