Offaudio 66 : Monokao – I’m Going To Tokyo

Another quality minimal techno release from netlabel Offaudio: Monokao – I’m going to Tokyo

This release’s name makes me very envious: “I’m going to Tokyo”. And as we all know, I wanna go back to Japan ASAP and apparently this guy is going to visit Japan’s fine capitol any time soon. Grrrr! I wanna go too! But, let’s be honest here; I wish him the best possible time, which I’m pretty sure he’ll have. (If the name of the EP is more than just a name, that is.)

I’m gonna be short about this release and let the rest of the deciding and imagination up to you: My favorite track is “Yes”, track number two on this EP. It’s squeaking melody gives it a groove to make the dancefloor bounce. The tracks overall are Beatport quality.

With that out of the way, I’m gonna go back to Smart.FM to work on my knowledge of the Japanese language so my return to Japan next summer will be a little bit more fluent speaking one: “東京に行きます。”

Listen here, or download it at:

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