Offaudio 64 – Pablo Akaros – Adaptacion EP

New Offaudio releases almost every two weeks! Aren’t we freeloaders a lucky bunch. This time round more Minimal-Techno, so no complaints from me. (Though, I love Offaudio’s Hard-Techno too!)

A deep techno album, I’m especially in love with the first track; Savia with it’s tribal influences and sweeping pad that takes you right into a trance. The kickdrums on this EP are low and pound your set into submission. I was doing the dishes, checking this album out and time just flew on by. By the time the EP was over, I thought I’d only heard one track! So I hit play again, to enjoy it once more.

Offaudio 63, previously only available via the Offaudio Newsletter, is now also available for download. Along with this new release on the Offaudio releases page.