Sample-kit 2

Good news for everyone who loved my Nitrotracker Sample-Kit!

Today I have finished the synth patches for part 2 of this much downloaded sample kit. A minor but much needed update to the allready available Sample-Kit 1. The pack will contain some more snares, kicks and hats to play with, and features two synths to play around with. Naturally, these synths are not real synths inside Nitrotracker, but combined with the envelope generator and loop function, you should be able to yield some nice results. The release of these samples will not take long. Can’t say exactly when, but friday somehow feels right..

Oh, please notice the Donate button in the download section. These samples come completely free, but cost me some time to create. So please feel free to “show you affection” towards me and my samples! *Wink*Wink*
And who knows, i might one day start selling my sample-packs. And i always remember who helped me along the way.. Catch my drift?