Review: わぁいアシッド あかりアシッド大好き

Acid Techno, need I say more? I think not!

わぁいアシッド あかりアシッド大好き

The album starts out minimal and dark with Jackmaster Yoshiki followed by a loud squealer from 909 State whom we both remember from Cassette Records’ The World Is Spinning At 33RPM. These aren’t the only names we recognize from that album, as Yebisu 303 also appears on this release. Alongside Hasegawa4200, D4C, Ripa et al. The similarities end there, as this album goes for full-on acid, non-stop!

It’s worth downloading the album for ‘Mango Acid’ by Yasuo Sato alone. A bouncy techno groove mixed with full-on acid insanity! Together with Witchin Grid (by Tremorela) and Riddim-O-Mattic they are the most original tracks on the album. Yebisu303 is the producer of this last mentioned track and delivers a beautiful downtempo arrangement both enjoyable by lounge and acid enthusiasts alike, it’s reggae groove is reminiscent of UK producer duo Leftfield from back in the day.

I could go on like this for a while, singing different songs of praise for this acid compilation that keeps the vibe alive like it’s still 1988 today. But you should check this out for yourself. You can download it for free via Bandcamp, but as varied a release as this deserves some credit.