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Reminiscing Part 1 – Latin Techno

In these posts I’ll go back in time and show some of my favorites from ye olde Techno. In this first part: Latin and Samba influenced Techno.

Andrew Mclauchlan – Love Story

I fell in love with this track the first time I heard it. In all it’s remixes and forms this track just makes your soul resonate to the latin grooves used in the song. I can’t believe how time has went by so fast, this track is already from 1998! In 2003, I was talking with DJ Alwin from Metro Recordstore and I asked him, “Do you have some classic, phat tracks I should listen to? I already checked-out all the new releases.” He said, take a listen to this one, I guess you’ll like it. When I put the needle to the groove I immediately heard it was a track I was searching for. In this case, it was the 2nd wave of remixes featuring a hard-techno version by Bryan Zentz. I tried to search for the original re-edit ever since but could not find it… Until I was in Osaka, September of this year (2009) with Lunemusique and びびんば..

I could not believe my eyes and ears! The original re-edit on Bush Records from 2000! And it was even for sale for a very good price.

Ben Sims – Manipulated

You can’t mention Latin-Techno without mentioning this track! Released on Primate Records, way back in 2000. The Adam Beyer remix just blows you away with a very recognizable sample. (Yet, who does this sample belong too?) Hearing this track at the Shockers parties from ID&T (2001, 2002?) through a PA large enough to fill a huge hall with sound, one fully understands the meaning of Techno. Such a shame ID&T killed the shockers concept by adding to much hardstyle and trance to the mix…

Monika Kruse – Latin Lovers

And last up in this post; Monika Kruse’s über-danceable Latin lovers from Terminal M. My favorite is still the Voodooamt remix, but I guess taste differs somewhat here and there.

In the next episode of my reminiscing series: Halfway between Latin & Elektro.