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OOG radio

After coming in third in the finals of the Hanzecast/23plus8 DJ-contest (did i forget to mention…) All finalist get an opportunity to play on OOG-radio! Here’s the schedule:
Thursday 12th of June
21:00-22:00: Frank Dutronc
22:00-23:00: The Pro-stitute

Thursday 19th of June
Uur 1, 21:00-22:00: Son of 8 bits
Uur 2, 22:00-23:00: Buster Palmer

I’m practicing on using Traktor DJ together with vinyl. that’s two turntables AND Traktor-DJ, in effect four decks of tracks to play with!

So be sure to tune in to OOG-radio tomorrow night at 21:00 as the winner of the DJ-contest will kick off with his electro-vibes. Have fun Frank, i’ll be sure to tune in!