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Raspberry Pi (and Lego case)

Gadget and geekery galore!!!

Raspberry Pi Lego Case

I got my greedy little hands on a Adafruit Raspberry Pi!! The $35,- computer which you can mod and hack into all kinds of dedicated machines. And I’ve already made a custom case for it, pictured left, using Lego. If you wonder what all this stuff is; Underneath is an external HDD, attached via USB, which I encased with lego as well. The little house like structure in the middle is the Raspberry Pi itself and on top is a (wireless) router. Not the most charming part of the building, but it saves me space in the studio.

I’m currently running Raspbian (Debian) and Openelec XBMC, modding and hacking the operating systems to taste. So expect further posts with mods and hacks to make your Raspberry installation and configuration as easy as pie (rimshot, clash!).

On that note, welcome to a new category on Code! As a token of my appreciation, here’s a small spoiler: I’m also working on some Android applications which’ll appear in this category soon enough.

More soon!


New Mixcloud Feature:

Embed all cloudcasts with one snippet of code!

Mixcloud: Embed all cloudcasts in one go

On your profile, (or that of someone else for that matter) you can see a little closing tag next to the word “Activity“, this one: “</>” (upper right in the above picture). One quick press on this button neatly embeds all cloudcasts (from that particular DJ) in one player. The code you get is similar to the one you’re already used to for embedding cloudcasts.

Here’s mine:

Happy embedding!

ChipTune DJ-Tool Project: Bit-Juggling

Son of 8-Bits - Bit Juggling

Time for some fun, time for some new DJ-Tools, time for some new (free) downloads! Here’s the down-low:

Today I release a previously unreleased DJ-Tool I made back in 2007. With the release of this DJ-Tool I start a new project I like to call ‘Bit-Juggling’. Every now and then, I’ll upload a new track on my project page ChipTune. There, you can sign-up to join the project and download the first two songs. After signing-up you get notified automatically when a new track is posted and each new one features it’s own unique artwork and sounds from different kinds of software and hardware, like, for example, KORG DS-10 Plus for Nintendo DSi or Little Sound DJ on the Nintendo Gameboy, a beaten old Commodore-64, or a friend’s Amiga. I might go all out and cheat a little, meaning my vacuum-cleaner and blender aren’t ruled out!

The album will be finished bit by bit, download by download. But here’s the catch: When the album is finished, it will be sold. Meaning that if you sign-up now, you get the whole album for free! Those that wait might have to pay a fee… Early-birds get the most!

See that Facebook share button up there? Or the Tweet button below? Use them to get your friends involved as soon as possible before the ticker starts counting. Let’s kick-off the project with the first DJ-Tool!

Der Doolb

Inspired by hard hitting electro tracks such as IF’s ‘I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less’ and Mr. Oizo’s ‘Smoking Tape’, this DJ tool features 808 style sounds taken from a Commodore 64 with the volume turned to 11. Mangled, twisted, and slammed through countless waves of distortion, recorded on a tape-deck, and then, neatly wrapped-up for use in your audio-reproduction tool of choice. Enjoy!

New page: Music

To host the music I make, I made a new page right here on Thanks to Bandcamp I can finally do this in a way suitable to the website.

So head on over and take a look at my music page. All the tracks are neatly sorted and have some additional info you won’t read elsewhere..

A bit late, but as promised

A track from my DSi! I’m sorry to say that the other things I made will be blended into full projects. So it’s just this DJ tool for now.. But good things come to those who wait.

Free download, right here!

Son of 8-Bits – かわいい (Kawaii) by Son Of 8-Bits/JordyVision