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New Mixcloud Feature:

Embed all cloudcasts with one snippet of code!

Mixcloud: Embed all cloudcasts in one go

On your profile, (or that of someone else for that matter) you can see a little closing tag next to the word “Activity“, this one: “</>” (upper right in the above picture). One quick press on this button neatly embeds all cloudcasts (from that particular DJ) in one player. The code you get is similar to the one you’re already used to for embedding cloudcasts.

Here’s mine:

Happy embedding!

DJ Mix: All Your DataBase Are Belong to Us

Originally titled: “All Your e-mail Are Belong To Us”, after having a laugh when the Mediadefender email system was hacked. I decided to put it up on Mixcloud cause Sony reminded me the past week. And hence a small change in the name: All Your Database Are Belong To Us.

Downloads & In The Mix page updates

I’ve added a new download to the downloads page; JordyVision – Droomweg – The Remixes. Prowess Records release PROWREC003.

And I’ve embedded my Mixcloud mixes on the In The Mix page.

Enjoy (・ω・)

行くよー! Let’s go!

Bad Bwoy Style – 2007 DJ Demo

I found another one of my older mixes! This time ’round from 2007. In this mix I decided to play many different styles; Minimal & Electro, Techno & IDM, some classics from different areas of the electronic-music spectrum and some leftfield tracks as well.

In the end I didn’t spread this mix since it contains a small error… One of the turntable ground wires slipped loose during play and a hum can be heard for about a second during The Hacker’s ‘Space Travel’. I remember my arm automatically leaping to the ground-cable to put it back in place!

Again, this mix is all vinyl and recorded using Audacity.

01 Jeff Bennett – reinforcing
02 Moguai – ataque
03 Argy – Unreliable virgin
04 Slam – We’re not here
05 Colorswitch – stuntman
06 the Hacker – space travel
07 Radio Slave – screaming hands (Wink’s acid interpretation)
08 Model8 – Lemon8
09 Literon – karma asound
10 Trickski – drakkar
11 the Hacker – it was tomorrow
12 Daft Punk – revolution 909
13 New Order – blue monday
14 Secret Cinema – timeless altitude
15 Leftfield – double flash
16 Mr Oizo – flat beat
17 Kraftwerk – home computer
18 Cybotron – clear
19 Hashim – al naafiysh
20 Squarepusher – my red hot car (girl)