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Metro Recordstore is closing

Sad, sad, sad news reached my email in-box yesterday.

As Metro Recordstore will be closing soon due to the fact that people don’t buy enough CD’s and vinyl anymore. This is sad news for a vinyl lover like me and won’t be forgotten anytime soon. As this is the last place in Utrecht where you can buy vinyl records! First Rhythm Import disappeared due to bad management, then, Midtown Records closed it’s doors and now the last one will go as well. Now where do I go to buy records? Certainly not to free record sh*t… (CD, DVD and game store in the Netherlands, which sells music and stuff for an absurd high price.)

Ten years of Metro Recordstore, I remember going there to get the free sampler of DJ Spinna’s Heavy beats volume 1. Ordering records almost every week and spending (maybe a little too much) time there checking out the latest releases. It’s a real shame, the store and it’s employees Alwin en Henk will be missed.

Metro Recordstore is currently doing a big closing-sale, to make the most of what’s in stock. And will soon organize a big ‘goodbye and farewell’ party for everyone to enjoy. More news about that as it breaks.