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Rimer London – Squaring The Triangle

Every now and again, a track comes along that keeps me up all night. This is one of those tracks.

In the past years, Rimer London A.K.A. Rimeroni Vumani’s has always sent me straight on a trip down a lane of melancholy mixed with memories. My first experience with the producer was his ‘Sugar Booger‘ release which, like this track, was also published on Magnetron Music. Although Rimer was already showing much prowess in producing at the time, the producer has become very skilled in the last years. With retro-electro act LeLe (Rimer teamed up with Parra and Faberyayo) to show for it.

Rimer produces exactly what I want to hear from him. Retro sounds that send me off into the night. Wondering. Reminiscing. The lead in this song gets me all misty-eyed. The video is a perfect companion to the track as it’s abstract way of ‘looking’ at things is exactly what I like to do while listening to good music.

Yes, this isn’t a review of the song as much as it’s become a gospel of my personal taste and perception. But just listen to the track anyway.