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Techno? I Say Techyes! 4

Part 4 of my quarterly techno compilation ‘Techno? I Say Techyes!’. With hard deep techno beats from past, present and future.




Techno? I Say Techyes! 3


Part 3 of my irregular, yet quarterly, techno mix ‘Techno? I Say Techyes!’

With dark, deep and hard techno tracks ranging from classics to brand new. This edition is a bit longer than previous ones for no other reason than “why not?”. Enjoy!

Techno? I Say Techyes! 3 by Jordyvision on Mixcloud



Deep House DJ Demo; September 2014


New demo; September 2014

Deep House Demo September 2014 by Jordyvision on Mixcloud

Deep house with a slight tech house flavor, what more can I say?



Soundcloud’s (new) upload policies

Soundcloud has changed some of it’s policies and is enforcing it’s rules on copyrighted material

Soundcloud Logo

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this post and also this one over at Mixmag. For many DJs it’s not clear what is and what isn’t allowed to be uploaded, so I’ve decided to write up a short post about it. All in all, it’s pretty simple.

Edit: For Spanish readers there’s Spanish version of this post over at DJ Logic.

Upload you own tracks, something you created yourself: Allowed.
Of course.
Upload a DJ mix consisting of your own tracks: Allowed.
You made it, so it’s yours to use as you see fit!
Upload other producer’s tracks: Not allowed.
This should be obvious. But there is an exception if you have the rights to upload it. Usually a recordlabel, indie or not, has these rights.
Upload other producer’s tracks, mixed as a DJ mix: Not allowed.
This has always been popular with deejays, yet it was technically never legal to do so. You don’t own the rights, so you can’t use it as you please.
Upload other producer’s Creative Commons tracks, mixed: Allowed.
But you’ll have to credit all the tracks you used!
Upload a mash-up of two tracks you didn’t make yourself: Not allowed.
That’s right, you can’t. You do own copyright to the creative work you applied, but the tracks you used are still copyrighted.
Upload a remix of another producer’s track: Grey area.
Is it an official remix? If so you’re probably allowed to post it. It could still be possible that a label doesn’t want you to. Make clear agreements on this subject with the artist you’re remixing and/or the artist’s label. Is it an unofficial remix? Then it depends on if you used parts of the original. If you did it could be flagged, if you made every part of the remix yourself it should be the allowed to be posted. (I personally don’t understand this type of remix. If it doesn’t have anything to do with the original, why call it a remix?)

So what to do now? Where do you post your DJ mixes from now on? The solution has been around for a while; Mixcloud. Mixcloud makes sure the rights owners get a share of the (advertising) revenue. Know another website to upload your DJ mixes to? Discuss them in the comments and I’ll add them here!

Disclaimer: This is a simple enumeration of how copyright works and is for informative purposes only. Proceed at your own discretion!