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Review: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Leaked after all..

Album cover: Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

I kinda feel bad for Daft Punk, having their album leaked so shortly before the release. And I can tell a lot of love went into making this. They wanted to make something authentic, something retro, something to shake-up the currently ‘hardly breathing’ EDM scene.

But there’s only one thing missing from this album. Power. It’s a good album for lovers of 70’s vocoder-disco but for the original Daft Punk fans like you and me, there’s absolutely nothing to be found here in terms of filtered samples or 909 beats. It’s something the Punksters can be proud of, cause “they went back to move forward”. Taking dance music back to a time when drummachines and synthesizers were just an addition to the band. Hopefully, bringing much needed change/movement to the electronic music scene. (I’m talking about house and techno, fuck off dubstep wankers… You guys aren’t invited to the EDM party!!)

However, the biggest achievement here is not the music. It’s the anticipation they build-up to the release of the album. How long has it been since you last waited for an album to drop? It’s probably been more than ten years for me. Even the radio (that thing with an antenna, with sounds coming out of it. Mostly noise if not operated right) is playing the new album and I’ve caught myself turning on the device so I can listen to what they have to say about the album. Waiting for an album release? Radio? RADIO?!?!? Am I back in the 90’s?!

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Soma Records 20 Years – Soma Classics

Soma Records 20 Years - Soma ClassicsIf for some reason you didn’t have these tracks yet, than this is the time to buy this album and act like you knew them all along…

A whopping 48 tracks produced by (among many others) Slam, Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul, The Black Dog, Samuel L. Session and an unreleased Daft Punk track that has been collecting dust on the shelves. Some of the best Soma had to offer in the past twenty years. Tech House, (minimal) techno, electro, all-round good dance-music lovers and even non-techheads can all get into these classic tracks that you’ve bound to have heard before. (Well, except for the much touted Daft Punk remix that didn’t see the light of day before.)

For real though, if you haven’t heard any of these before than go stand in the corner for at least half an hour… (while listening to the album of course!)



Remix after all

A few well known bloggers, (and then a few more.) Have taken it upon themselves to pick their favorite track of the Daft Punk album; “Human after all”, Got their favorite remixer to remix the track, and named the resulting album “Remix after all”. (Hell yeah they did!)

Pay a visit to one of the above links to get your copy!
(I wonder how Daft Punk (and their lawyers) feel about this… (But, “Do I care?” is the real question..))

Edit: After giving it a few rounds of listening too, It’s only fair to write a few words about the remixes.
And I’m sorry to say (for Daft Punk..) : I Think I like these remixes better then the original album! (Yes, it was scary, making that statement. But then again, don’t even dare and touch ‘Homework’! It’s holy!!)

The album kicks off with a thumpin’ Disco Villains remix of ‘Human after all’. And keeps the trend going with the Tits & Clits edition of ‘Prime time of your life’, and suprisingly funky remix of ‘Robot Rock’ from Immuzication.
The album feels well balanced and the mastering makes each track sound on par with each other. On top of that, these remixes are very well suited for mixing in DJ-sets. With a clear build-up in each track.

It’s only natural that I can’t love each track as much. I didn’t care much for the remix of ‘Make love’. It doesn’t sound bad or anything, but I’m not the one for R’n’B styles of music. Somehow it made me think of ‘The sun can’t compare‘. (But didn’t make me as happy.) Luckily ‘The brainwasher’, remixed by Melee Beats quickly smashed my brain back on track.

All in all I’d say, definitly download this album. Worth your time and DJ-skills.