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Cassette Records – The World Is Spinning At 33 1/3 RPM

A phoenix rising…

The World Is Spinning at 33 1/3 RPM - A Cassette Records CompilationA varied release, to say the least. Many different well known techno artists from Japan’s techno-scene, featuring DJ Tmykisb, Yebisu303, Doremimate and 909 State to name just a few. Ranging from acid bleepery to danceable and deep to surprising. The release demonstrates a love for the original techno sound lost in the days of minimal unimaginativism and dubstep repetition.

DJ Tmykisb opens the album with the filter-happy ‘Chrono Kitten’, an uplifting track that makes the waist wiggle. Even if seated it’s hard not to move to this sliced madness slightly reminiscent of ‘Tokyo Disco’. 909 State gives a distorted slammer likes he does so well, after which Beel’s ‘RTF_SHT’ takes over with a surprisingly deep track not unlike Richie Hawtin’s better (Plastikman) tracks. The compilation wouldn’t be complete without a good acid track! And that’s where Pulse2Pulse comes in. I should say the same for dub, and the compilation also satisfies those needs with Yebisu303’s ‘Blueprint’, a last-minute favorite of mine. In the track’s layered background there’s a loop playing which stimulates the imagination while the recognizable dub synth does it’s work of playing with your sense of rhythm. (Watch out for a very groovy break followed by a drop like we haven’t heard since at least 2005.) Yes, there’s even a melodic techno track like Carl Craig is good at producing, Choochoogatagoto is the one responsible.

The CD supplies well to the techno loving people out there that are missing the original vibe. We need kickdrums, not plops. We want acid, not just a simple sine-wave. Minimal and tech-house have their place, on this album too. But playing the same sounds over and over is what kills a genre, a scene. This album bravely steps-up where even the hardest techno DJ’s have sold-out to simple bloops and over-used samples. It’s been enough!

A CD release is rare these days, especially for electronic music (Techno). But it does give a sense of nostalgia to open-up a sealed CD box. Welcome to the post-digital age where physical releases are becoming a rarity and more of a promotional tool than an actual selling point. That’s why I appreciate Cassette Records effort to put this out there, no matter what the market is doing. To step-up and say, nay shout: Techno isn’t dead yet! I haven’t even finished listening to the CD yet, and this is what the music is telling me. The CD holds even more surprises towards the end, but I’m not gonna spoil anymore for you. You should go out and check this out for yourself.

Track List

  1. dj tmykisb / Chrono Kitten
  3. iserobin / 7420247
  4. Limited toss / Gus
  5. 909state / Armed poker
  7. Pulse2Pulse / Bouncer
  8. Yebisu303 / Blueprint
  10. choochoogatagoto / Hat Season
  11. doremimate / Gymnopedia
  12. Sakoo / Heartbeat
  13. tofubeats / technoizer X
  14. SOL / One More Thing…

The album’s liner notes were written by Bibinba. I’m proud of you, 友達!


Seymour Bits – Seymour Bits

Seymour BitsSeymour Bits’ latest CD (with the same name; Seymour Bits) arrived in the mail the other day (yes, I’m a bit late with this one), time for a good listen!

“…Seymour, he’s a.. He’s the man with the records.”

Bas Bron, producer of his own work under the pseudonyms ‘Seymour Bits’, ‘Bastian’, ‘Comtron’ and producer of ‘De jeugd van tegenwoordig’ comes with a new album. Funk that’s just begging to bob your head too. Songs that’ll sound great on the radio as well as on the dance-floor. Just like I had been anticipating. Squealing old school (sounding) synths, beats that’s break your neck and feet, basslines that make you feel like you’re in a Prince video, and there’s even epic guitar solo’s to be found. The funk just drips off the album.

The album can be heard over at VPRO’s luisterpaal (meaning: Listening pole). You can build your own opinion there. But I guess you’ll listen all the way through.

Now what’s this?

I helped Seymour a very little bit by getting a Japanese vocal for the intro of the track ‘Top Priority’. intro vocal by Prowess Records own Niki Brumas!

Trip Lava – Oddball in the corner pocket

Sometimes you meet people on Myspace. Nothing special. But sometimes someone adds you (or you add someone) that really has something to say, or in this case, something to play. Meet Trip Lava.

Oddball in the Corner Pocket; Psychedelic rock, or as the CD cover puts it: Experimental, improvised, instrumental rock, is not a music-genre you would usually expect on a blog like mine. But I take a lot of inspiration from different genre’s of music, especially indie rock music from Britain and the US. (I’m still thoroughly in love with 90’s grunge for example.) Once I started listening to the music I was hooked into the vibe. Listening to these tracks takes me back to The Chemical Brothers and James Holden‘s Border Community. The former doesn’t need explaining, but for the latter it’s the somewhat esoteric switches, glitches and samples used in the tracks. Think about the wailing guitar (-like) sound in Nathan Fake’s “The Sky was Pink” and you are one step closer to digging the sound of Trip Lava.

After 44 minutes I was disappointed that the CD was over.. Which is, of course, a compliment as it makes you wanna hit play again. Lovers of experimental music should definitely check this out, and lovers of other genre’s could take inspiration or maybe even samples from works like these. (But don’t forget to clear samples before use!) An all round cool CD.

Trip Lava was so nice to send me his CD so I could listen & review it. Add him on Myspace and tell him how you feel about his tracks. Your thoughts are appreciated, so don’t be shy!

Get Loaded 4

The Academie voor Popcultuur (Dutch for Academy for Popculture) has released the fourth installment of the Annual “Get Loaded” album.

The 4th issue was released at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival and is released on very special red vinyl disc…. With a CD clicked on the middle of the vinyl, like you would expect in a jewelcase. A creative way of making a cool CD-cover.

Noir kicks off with “dear dad“, an epically long progressive Metal (Correct me if I’m wrong) track. And is followed by Florian Wolff’s “the best girl“. A Very fun track to listen to with a lot of hit-potential, would it have been released towards the summer. It does cheer me up on a grey, rainy day like this. Which suites the third track a lot better; Miss Ippi‘s song “Treehouse girl” is beautiful, so i suggest you to hop on over to her Myspace and give her work a thorough listening.

Found in the metal and rock part of the CD is Believeisadoubt with “Lost Note” Showing the bands potential. Number seven of the CD is Kris Vesseur with “women and warmth“, a nice ballad to listen to, especially since it is preluded and followed by a lot of metal… As good as these songs might be in they’re own musical genre, the Academie voor Popcultuur is much more diverse then this. Promising as the CD started, it’s diversity is a little poor.

Reaching track ten is a godsend with Annelotte Zomerdijk‘s analog soundscape, “Alien Abortion“. Sticking to the electronic vibes is my friend Grootmeester Jan a.k.a Dial-A-Poets with a funky playful track called “Disgusting“. (Which i remember hearing at Frisse Fratsen..) Thankfully Electro-House is not ignored on the compilation in the form of Frankie Mango with his tune, “Felicidade (2008 RMX)“. A track cut-out for the dancefloor. The combined forces of Estaw & Elroy finish off the dance tracks with a sample driven tune called “Round like this“. A funky track to dance to, i only miss a climax of some sort.

The CD finishes off with a nederhop track called “December” by Vieze Vingers. Knowing how many MC’s are at my school, I’m wondering why there arn’t any more Hip-Hop tracks on the compilation. Like i said before the CD isn’t very diverse, but i have to grand it credit for being a lot more round and creative than it’s earlier editions. The mastering of the album sounds good, with every track having the same volume and width. Though i miss some high frequencies overal, which would have made it all sound even more grand. Like i mentioned before i think the CD could have been, overal, more diverse. Compared to the earlier volumes of Get loaded this one stands out, head and shoulders, above the other three. I hope the trend stays for next years edition. Until than, enjoy the album. As i’m giving it away for free!

The CD was pressed a thousand times so getting a hold of one is tricky. That’s why I’m giving it away for free! To download the Album, please head over to Downloads for your free copy! (Limited time only!!!)