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Release: JordyVision vs. Yuri Suzuki [AG-311]

I Just Called To Say I Loathe You

Acid Gelge LogoMy first release on Japanese (Acid) Techno label Cassette Records, division; Acid Gelge.

I Just Called To Say I Loathe You is a analog track produced using the Roland TR-606, the X0Xbox through a Carl Martin Opto-compressor and digital synths; Roland MC-303, TR-505 and the Kawai K1m. Recorded and mixed with Ableton Live. Mastering by ‘Beel’.

On the B-side is Yuri Suzuki‘s live-set: Live at Gorky Bar Vilnius Lithuania 25th November 2011.

Download here: http://acid-gelge.ctr-web.info/release/311.html

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