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Review: Atomsk – You Shall Not Grow Old

Atmosphere, that’s what this release is about.

Atomsk - You Shall Not Grow OldA sonic journey. The crisp fresh air of a cold winter day. But also the warm sensation of a careless spring holiday. Many different, guitar inspired/sampled tracks float by like clouds in a blue & pink sky. Everything is possible.

Not all tracks on this album are about “dance” as my Minimal-Techno tag would have you believe. ‘Only this’, for example, gives us some air and does so for a very long time. It’s a massive progressive track spanning almost fourteen minutes. (Spoiler; It does have some venom in it’s tail.) The tempo is tuned down even further in the following track. Giving time to wonder what more this album has in store, with ‘The Jaws Of Life’ delivering the payload.

All in all it’s a beautiful progressive tech inspired album. And it reminds me of ‘The Field’, which I have fond memories of. Great job, Nick!