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Flight – Arrival

Amsterdam to Tokyo, Tokyo to Osaka

As you can see, I was able to take a good shot of mount Fuji (富士山, fujisan) from my flight from Tokyo to Osaka airport. I had a good flight, though the twelve hour flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo was a bit little bit boring and long. Luckily, there were some very friendly Dutch and Japanese people on board to kill the time. After some off and on sleep (choose a movie, lay back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy the experience) I woke up to find there was only two hours left until Narita airport. Good! Switching from the international airliner to the local one was a breeze and after only one more hour of being airborne I arrived at Itami to be picked up by Maki-chan and her mom. After nine months, I was so happy to see her again! And so was she. Ah yes, good times. After my arrival we went to eat sushi at kuru kuru sushi and went home to unpack my suitcases.

I took my first day (today) to relax and get used to the climate (sticky hot). Tomorrow I’m going to Nipponbashi, (Osaka’s electric town similar to Akihabara in Tokyo) one of my favorite places to go. So I can get ready for my first gig this Sunday.

More soon! おやすみなさい (sleep well).

行くよー! Let’s go!

Press Release : JordyVision’s DIY Japan Tour

The adventures of Dutch DJ JordyVision in Japan

The Netherlands, Utrecht  (June 28th, 2010). Starting July the 8th, and all the way through till September, JordyVision (also known as Son of 8-Bits) starts a self-powered and improvised DJ tour in Japan. And with four DJ performances already planned things are looking up for the do-it-yourself DJ, producer and co-owner of electronic-music label Prowess Records.

His adventure starts in Kobe, where he’ll play four sets at three different venues. The names of these clubs are as of yet unknown, but will be announced soon on JordyVision’s website, Twitter, and Facebook pages as well as other social-networking websites. Along with these events he will also try to find his way into the clubs in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and any other places friendly to House and Techno music.

To stay informed on all the latest news follow JordyVision on Twitter or read his blog, where the latest gigs and information will be announced. After the adventure in Japan, a detailed report will be writen about his experiences. Ditto-Music, distributor of digital music, will publish this report on their website as a source of information and inspiration for DJ’s, bands or other music related live-performers who are looking for ways to play in Japan.

Shit Dat Rockt And more…

This Tuesday, I will be the final act playing at ‘Shit Dat Rockt’, a party organized at the Academy of Popculture, Leeuwarden.

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Shit dat rockt will bring you a real band battle, with bands playing opposite of each other like in a DJ or MC battle, DJ’s with live artists and much much more..

Shit Dat Rockt – Facebook
Shit Dat Rockt – Myspace

Article on VPRO 3 Voor 12 (Dutch)

I, JordyVision, will play from 2:15 AM till the end of the party.

Tuesday the 22nd of June, Academie voor Popcultuur. (Achter de hoven 23, Leeuwarden)

But that’s not all! Today I got some more information about my trip to Japan next month.. My interim manager girlfriend told me I’m playing three gigs in Kobe, Japan this summer! More details soon…

My ticket to ITM

On the seventh of July I’m flying to Japan again!


I’ll be staying in Japan for about two months this time and we’re planning to do at least one DJ performance. (Me vs. the Megane~zu). More news soon, and this time I’ll write more on my blog about my adventures, I promise.

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