Goodbye Offaudio

Offaudio - 2004 - 2011

The Offaudio saga ends here…

After about 7 years of brilliant service to the techno- & net-community Offaudio came down with some server issues. What many didn’t know, was that during it’s downtime the plans to continue Offaudio were being discussed. I was informed of this much earlier, but didn’t want to leak information that wasn’t decided just yet, and thus potentially incorrect. (Actually, my hopes were that Offaudio would stay, but alas.)

You can read the note on

Sixty-nine releases is not a small feat, 69 releases from many different techno producing artists such as Dessben, Numbtone, Kuniaki Takenaga, Raphy Beltre, Ilya Zonov, Unai Maleski, Monokao and Killminimal. Arguably, all top-quality releases worth every single bit of your bandwidth.

I featured these Offaudio releases in pretty much any show I did, Holland to Japan. And also feature heavily in my promotional DJ-mixes, on Mixcloud or right here on these pages. When I had a day of rest during my trips to Japan, Offaudio tracks were usually the first I’d add to my playlist(s) for the day, on my iPod and when preparing for my next DJ-set.

What will remain is the memory, and of course the actual files (tracks) that still carry the Offaudio logo, the many tracks on your hard-drive, and possibly floating in your cloud-service somewhere.

And with that we say farewell to (in my opinion) the best Techno net-label yet..

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