Detune Ltd. KORG M01 Music Workstation

Detune Ltd. KORG M01 Music Workstation
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Detune Ltd. unleashes it’s newest and first creation onto the masses.

Although it’s a follow-up to the Famous KORG DS-10 and KORG DS-10 Plus, the KORG M01 Music Workstation is the first under the Detune flag. So, how does the software turn out?

A lot of fun, as expected. Great for everyone who wants to make music on the go, wants a bit of lo-fi in his or her set-up or wants an emulation of the real M1. It sounds like you expect it too, a little lo-fi (because of the NDS’s 22050Hz sound-card.) But the sound is crisp with a dash of 16-bit crush in the form of anti-aliasing in the low-end and a bit of stutter in the lowest part of the dynamics. (A sounds low-volume tail will blink in- and out- of existence.) The layout of the app is easy to use and will have you writing all kinds of music in no time. No matter if you want to make something electronic like techno or Dubstep or want to try and throw in a real composition. This app can do it with the quite large collection of samples built into the application. These samples include the original sounds of the KORG M1 and some bonus sounds to broaden the spectrum and give you some modern sounds to play with. Sometimes modern means Roland 808 or an Amen snare though. As a whole, it’s perfect for re-creating an end 80’s/begin 90’s vibe. Chicago house, Tears for Fears, Detroit Acid here we go!

But there are three small things that I think should and could have been included. It features two effects: Delay and reverb. But you can only choose 1 for the whole track. I would have liked me some delayed beats and reverberated melody. The second thing is that I would have preferred a DSi mode in the app. A little bit more memory and CPU so the app can do a little but more like DS-10 Plus has double mode on the DSi. (I could surely use 2 effects if it featured DSi mode!) And finally, linking with the KORG DS-10 is impossible. There’s is no link mode in the game at all, so syncing two M01’s is also out of the question. But yeah, that’s revenue management for ya, it will probably be featured in a new version called M01 Plus…

At the end of the day, the software is great fun and a recommended buy. But it’s probably going to be sold out for a while.. Keep an eye on the following link to see when it will hit the stores again.

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EDIT: Preview of a track I’m working on.

EDIT 2: Finished version! (Released on the EP: Y.A.M.A)