Cicuta001 – Apgar EP

Cicuta, A new net-label based in Spain will release it’s first EP next week (September 15th). Floor-filler or nothing but net?

Cicuta 001 - Apgar EP

Artwork: David Collado Photography: Remoto


The EP kicks off with a minimal techno track titles ‘Quantum’ by Kike Pravda, who we’ve also heard on the now defunct label Offaudio. A bit of the usual minimal chatter that we’ve heard the last years but with a warm sound nonetheless. People who’ve had enough of minimal techno be warned; This theme runs throughout the entire E.P. However, starting at the second track already shows it’s diversity; ‘Librium’ by Vegim. A trip through abstract slighty off-beat up-tempo techno which I’ve been missing the past seven years! After just two minutes of rolling into the track the machine like drums and synths start their entrancing process. The break around four minutes stops the process, showing it’s payload only to start-up the process again and crush it, leaving you begging for more. The third track, ‘Home’ by i1 Ambivalent, is a perfect follow-up. Keeping the machines running and slamming you and everyone else listening.

Growing shadows- by ONE D & Edrian Sailing

Track four is a complete surprise, exploring a progressive minimalectro soundscape that will also be appreciated by many electro-house DJ’s the world over. It creates an oasis of organic melody in a harsh electronic landscape. (Not that that’s a bad thing!) The fifth track, ‘Growing Shadows’ by One-D & Edrian Sailing, lifts you from the oasis up in the air. It takes it’s time to get up to speed but the wait is well worth it. After about two minutes the synth starts it descents from the progressive air surrounding it and impacts with the ground on numerous occasions. It’s payload is delivered spread over the next 3 minutes after which it flies off into the air again.

Another ex-off regular shows his cybernetic muscles to finish off the EP, Drugstore with a new production titled ‘Udayan’. A big-room techno track with trippy vocals and long reverbs. It shows Drugstores progressive prowess, with many twists and turns keeping the listener dancing and surprised throughout the track. A great climax for a heavy techno set reminiscent of productions by Christian Smith and John Selway.

Utilizing the Creative Commons license means the music can be spread far and wide, allowing artists to play, edit, remix and sample the tracks unhindered by copyright laws. I’m very curious how this label is gonna pan out over the next couple of years. This first release shows a lot of potential and isn’t afraid to go it’s own course. It breaks free from all the repetitive minimal we’ve heard the last few years and strikes a chord with my personal objectives; Taking techno back into a more abstract darker realm where dancing is more important than tripping-out over simple bleeps. and with that I consider Cicuta’s maiden voyage a successful one, and one hell of a trip to boot!


01. Kike Pravda – Quantum
02. Vegim – Librium
03. i1 Ambivalent – Home
04. Mootiv – Work’Em Out
05. One D & Edrian Sailing – Growing Shadows
06. Drugstore – Udayan