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Frisse Fratsen

To all my readers in Fryslan (en omstreken):

Go check out Frisse Fratsen. A secret and exclusive party in the heart of Fryslan, Leeuwarden.

11 December 2008
Entrance: Free! But you’ll have to sign-up in advance at
Location: Secret, ooooooohh…

Line up:

Rolodex (Electro, Live!)
Son of 8-Bits (Retrolectro, Minimalectro)
Gumnaam (Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass)
Harde Baas (Electrodanceclashbeatstep)

Secret Party

The 11th of December i will play a special DJ set at a yet unknown and secret location. The legality of this event is unsure to very unsure. And that’s a very optimistic way of looking at things. Never the less, keep watching this space. I think this might just unfold as one of the cruelest (in a good way) events to hit Leeuwarden.

More info to follow.