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Offaudio 66 : Monokao – I’m Going To Tokyo

Another quality minimal techno release from netlabel Offaudio: Monokao – I’m going to Tokyo

This release’s name makes me very envious: “I’m going to Tokyo”. And as we all know, I wanna go back to Japan ASAP and apparently this guy is going to visit Japan’s fine capitol any time soon. Grrrr! I wanna go too! But, let’s be honest here; I wish him the best possible time, which I’m pretty sure he’ll have. (If the name of the EP is more than just a name, that is.)

I’m gonna be short about this release and let the rest of the deciding and imagination up to you: My favorite track is “Yes”, track number two on this EP. It’s squeaking melody gives it a groove to make the dancefloor bounce. The tracks overall are Beatport quality.

With that out of the way, I’m gonna go back to Smart.FM to work on my knowledge of the Japanese language so my return to Japan next summer will be a little bit more fluent speaking one: “東京に行きます。”

Listen here, or download it at:

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Offaudio 65 – Apagón LP

Always happy to get a new Offaudio promo in my mailbox! This time ’round it’s Apagón LP 03.

Featuring various artists like Raphy Beltre, Numbtone, Falk and Banding!, this album is not your average minimal deal, focused on getting your attention using very interesting, non-straightforward sounds and synths. Some of these sounds could, for instance, very well be used in today’s Dubstep scene. Some tracks are best enjoyed at home while others could be mixed on the dance-floor very well. Depending on your mood of-course, and the setting where it’s played. Very interesting album indeed. (Yeah I know, I’m a little biased towards Offaudio. But free albums don’t come at this quality often!)

I wonder how you, dear reader, feel about these tracks. Take a listen below, and drop a comment. Oh, and don’t forget to tell @offaudio how much you enjoyed.

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Exclusive Kill Minimal Promo : Offaudio 67

There’s a new Offaudio heading our way… Offaudio 67, featuring one of my favorite Techno-artist of today: Kill Minimal.

Read an exclusive interview with Kill Minimal on (Spanish) and download the exclusive promo. Or listen to the new track right here on!

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Edit: Does Anyone else recognize a Josh Wink sample/cover in this track?

Offaudio 64 – Pablo Akaros – Adaptacion EP

New Offaudio releases almost every two weeks! Aren’t we freeloaders a lucky bunch. This time round more Minimal-Techno, so no complaints from me. (Though, I love Offaudio’s Hard-Techno too!)

A deep techno album, I’m especially in love with the first track; Savia with it’s tribal influences and sweeping pad that takes you right into a trance. The kickdrums on this EP are low and pound your set into submission. I was doing the dishes, checking this album out and time just flew on by. By the time the EP was over, I thought I’d only heard one track! So I hit play again, to enjoy it once more.

Offaudio 63, previously only available via the Offaudio Newsletter, is now also available for download. Along with this new release on the Offaudio releases page.

OffAudio 61 Drugstore – 62 Dropout – 63 Vadim Lankov

I turn my eyes away for just a few seconds and what happens?! OffAudio drops three new EP’s! I really enjoyed listening to these, and at the reasonable price of €0,- it’s a steal. Download then A.S.A.P.!

OffAudio 61 : Drugstore – Nemesis EP

OffAudio 62 : Dropout – Hallucinogenia EP

OffAudio 63 : Vadim Lankov – Best Friends EP

I can’t share the download link for this last EP with all of y’all… I’m so sorry! But, to get it sign-up for the free Offaudio newsletter at: