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Offaudio : Dessben – Offtechno

The label with it’s striking album-art is back. It’s latest release, Dessben – Offtechno, is already Offaudio’s sixtieth EP to be released to the public!

Starting out with the very interesting sounds of “La Trama”, a techno-track with an Electro influence similar to, say, Terence Fixmer, but in a minimal, less aggressive setting with some cool twists and turns. After three minutes I was very eager to see where this would lead to, but it didn’t have the grand “explosion” I was waiting for. A track well suited for mixing then! “Dispersion” keeps the thumb going, with a more funky vibe to it. This track has a more rewarding pay-off after two minutes in the simple form of a familiar 90’s bass-sound, that, in it’s turn gives the song a complete and tension-building feel.

“Ruidoss” is something else all together! With a great Tech-House (bell-like) melody that draws you into the track right from the start. It’s shuffle-heavy beat which sets in after little more then one-and-a-half minute is sure to drive the dancefloor. I recommend this song! It’s progression is a little more interesting to listen to then it’s predecessors.

This varied, well sounding EP then finishes with a very wiggly track called “Sintaxis”. With wiggly I mean the 1/4th synth that bounces all around the track and makes your waste and shoulders move! Some of these tracks could do with a bigger pay-off in the form of a big break, or something added to the tune, but are well suited for use behind the decks anyway. “Ruidoss” is among my favorite tracks of this net-label along with my other favorites, listed below.

All 60 EP’s that Offaudio released are still available for free download at their homepage; Offaudio.com. My favorites being Karla van Goa a.k.a. Kill Minimal “Star Track” and Kuniaki Takenaga “Granphantasm Red EP”. Offaudio represents the harder styles of (Minimal-) Techno and still releases some harder Tribal-Techno which I’ve been missing over the last few years since, what I’d like to call, the “Minimal re-revolution”.